Up in the Old Hotel and Other Stories Short Essay - Answer Key

Joseph Mitchell (writer)
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1. How does Mitchell describe McSorley's?

Mitchell describes McSorley's in great detail. McSorley's was a dark and gloomy place but it had many regulars. Men would often huddle around a fire when they drank. McSorley's was strictly a man's bar and the patrons seemed to have enjoyed the masculine atmosphere. The author describes the saloon in a respectful manner.

2. What was the main rule at McSorley's and why?

There was one very strict rule at McSorley's that even applied to the owners of the business. No women were to be admitted into the saloon. Even when retired police officer Daniel O'Connell left the bar to his daughter, she would not enter the saloon. The rule seems to be a result of historical sexism. Women were considered second class citizens.

3. Who is Mazie Gordon?

Mazie Gordon is a kind woman who often gave free tickets to the poor if they agreed to clean themselves up. She also walked the streets in the evening, giving bits of food and soap to the poor. She worked at the movie theater that she and her sisters owned and seems to be a benevolent force.

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