Up in the Old Hotel and Other Stories Quiz | Four Week Quiz A

Joseph Mitchell (writer)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 106 - 209.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the term James Hall believed was occurring?
(a) Christian landslide.
(b) Religious decline.
(c) Religious growth spurt.
(d) Christian recoil.

2. What occupation did Jane Barnell have?
(a) Worked at The Venice.
(b) Veterinarian.
(c) Court stenographer.
(d) Bearded lady at a circus.

3. What are Philippa's parents?
(a) Writers.
(b) Doctors.
(c) Factory workers.
(d) Construction workers.

4. Who is "Professor Sea Gull"?
(a) Thomas O'Boyle.
(b) Joe Gould.
(c) Jane Barnell.
(d) Charles Cassell.

5. How did Jane's father feel about her?
(a) He refused to ever get to know his daughter.
(b) He was ashamed and kept her locked away.
(c) He was embarrassed of her.
(d) He loved her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which adjective best describes the atmosphere of McSorley's?

2. What is peculiar about Philippa's family's diet?

3. What were the names of Mazie's sisters?

4. How many mummies did Charles claim to have owned?

5. Which person that Mitchell writes about wears a scarf to hide his or her face?

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