Daily Lessons for Teaching Up in the Old Hotel and Other Stories

Joseph Mitchell (writer)
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Daily Lessons

Objective: Pages 1-55 Mazie Gordon is a benevolent woman who works at the movie theater that she owns with her sister. She often would give the poor free tickets to the theater if they agree to clean up. Mazie would walk the streets in the evening to pass out food and soap to those who could not afford it. She cited nuns as being the most benevolent force, and approved of the Catholic church. This lesson will examine Mazie Gordon's character and personality to determine why Mitchell found her interesting to write a short story about and what some of the major themes in her story are.

1) 1. Class Discussion: Mazie's main characteristic seems to be benevolence. Why is Mazie an interesting personality? Do the events in her life warrant a story? What themes do you see as being most prevalent in her story, and how do these...

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