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Short Answer Questions

1. What expo is Booker invited to speak at in September of 1895?

2. What does Booker say about calm, self-possessed people?

3. Why do members of the community buy the bricks made by Booker's students?

4. What does Booker feel should determine the right to vote?

5. Why does Washington travel with Armstrong throughout larger Northern cities?

Short Essay Questions

1. When asking potential donors for money for a particular building, what other information does Booker share with them?

2. Booker demands cleanliness from his students. What one item does he insist everyone have?

3. Why do Booker Washington and General Armstrong travel together to larger Northern cities?

4. What important lesson does Booker T. Washington say he learns from General Armstrong?

5. Who are Booker T. Washington's sons?

6. During his speech to a large audience at the Atlanta Exposition, what does Booker focus on?

7. What hardships are experienced when Booker, his staff, and his students launch a boarding program effort at Tuskegee?

8. What burden does Booker feel he carries as his speaking engagements increase?

9. Describe Booker's experience on a train ride where he dines in the white section.

10. How does a mill owner help out Booker's Tuskegee school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Booker gets the opportunity to travel to Europe with his family. Although at first he is reluctant to leave his work behind, he ends up enjoying the trip immensely.

Describe Booker's trip to Europe. What does he learn from his travels? What captures his attention? How is he received throughout Europe? What ideas does he bring back home?

Essay Topic 2

What kind of teacher is Booker? What makes him stand apart? How does he regard his students? How do his students regard him? In what ways is he an exceptional educator?

Essay Topic 3

1. What are Booker's thoughts on education as a child? As a teen? As a young man studying to be a teacher? As a young teacher? As the director of a school?

2. How does Booker's philosophy on education evolve over time? In what ways do his ideas remain unchanged?

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