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Short Answer Questions

1. When Booker decides to go to Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in Virginia, how does his community help him?

2. What does Booker note that the people of Tuskegee want from him?

3. What job does Booker take to pay for his room and board at Hampton?

4. The "T" in Booker T. Washington stands for:

5. To start with, how many students does Booker have at his school in Tuskegee?

Short Essay Questions

1. What important lesson does Booker learn working with Miss Mackie, whom he describes as a member of a cultured Northern family?

2. What does Booker say that many blacks aspire to during the post-Civil War "Reconstruction Period?"

3. What does Booker do at the end of his first year at Hampton?

4. Explain why Booker feels that many students come out of school with an education but without the ability to make a living.

5. How do the blacks and the Indians get along at Hampton?

6. Who works closely with Booker to establish the new school in Tuskegee?

7. How do Booker and his family reach their new home after they are freed?

8. What does young Booker do on the plantation as a slave?

9. Booker decides it's time for him to go to Hampton. What is Hampton?

10. Describe Mrs. Ruffner and the work Booker does for her.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What legacy does Booker T. Washington leave behind? How would you say that his life's work contributes to education and race relations today?

Essay Topic 2

Citing specific examples from the book, explain how the following influence Booker's work:

1. Faith.

2. Drive.

3. Community.

Essay Topic 3

1. Describe the various jobs Booker has as a child, first as a slave on a plantation and later as a free person in his stepfather's town.

2. What hardships does young Booker endure?

3. What lessons does he learn though these hardships?

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