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Short Answer Questions

1. Booker comments that his students at Tuskegee are anxious to learn:

2. Booker says that even as a very young child, most of his time is spent:

3. What do the Hampton night school students earn money for?

4. What does Booker purchase to help his students learn more about working with their hands?

5. After completing his studies and returning to Malden, Booker is hired to work as a teacher. His workdays start at 8:00 AM and don't end until what time?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Booker do after completing his studies with honors?

2. How do blacks react upon being read the Emancipation Proclamation?

3. What is "The Plucky Class?"

4. Describe Mrs. Ruffner and the work Booker does for her.

5. Who is Olivia A. Davidson?

6. What important lesson does Booker learn working with Miss Mackie, whom he describes as a member of a cultured Northern family?

7. Describe Booker's experiences as a young man working at restaurants.

8. How do Booker and his family reach their new home after they are freed?

9. According to Booker, how might blacks suddenly faced with freedom have been better served?

10. How does Booker describe the residents of Tuskegee?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe some of Booker's closest friends and colleagues. In what ways do they influence Booker? What important lessons does he learn from them?

Essay Topic 2

1. Describe the various jobs Booker has as a child, first as a slave on a plantation and later as a free person in his stepfather's town.

2. What hardships does young Booker endure?

3. What lessons does he learn though these hardships?

Essay Topic 3

Booker is a keen observer of human nature and includes many of his observations in his autobiography. Select three observations that he makes about human nature, and describe them in detail. Why does he include this information in his book?

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