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Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to teaching day and night classes and doing tutoring, Booker teaches:

2. The author states that those earning seventy-five or a hundred dollars a month were:

3. What does Booker observe about individuals educated in more affluent schools where the majority of their needs are met?

4. What is a typical week for farming families in Tuskegee?

5. How does Booker T. Washington get his last name?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Booker T. Washington know about his birth?

2. How do Booker and his family reach their new home after they are freed?

3. How does Booker T. Washington end up overseeing a new school in Tuskegee, Alabama?

4. What does young Booker do on the plantation as a slave?

5. Describe Booker's experiences as a young man working at restaurants.

6. According to Booker, how might blacks suddenly faced with freedom have been better served?

7. Describe Booker's early childhood family and home.

8. What does Booker do at the end of his first year at Hampton?

9. What important lesson does Booker learn working with Miss Mackie, whom he describes as a member of a cultured Northern family?

10. What does Booker mean when he says that the people of Tuskegee are prone to some excess?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In his book, Booker T. Washington offers his reflections and tips on public speaking.

1. Summarize what he says about public speaking. Then, offer several specific tips that he provides.

2. What does he say he enjoys about giving speeches? Why is this a worthwhile activity for him?

Essay Topic 2

Through his lifetime of work, Booker not only lifts himself up also but creates opportunities for countless blacks.

1. Citing examples, show how Booker helps blacks advance during the post-Civil War era and into the twentieth century.

2. Explain how holding on to his values and living his passion enable Booker to help countless people.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Booker T. Washington's life as a child and a slave with his life as an adult and an educator.

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