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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the chapter "Raising Money," Booker relates the story of being told about a man who might be interested in donating to his school. How does Booker reach the man?
(a) Walks two miles to his house.
(b) Takes a train.
(c) Waits for him at his work.
(d) Rides a horse-drawn carriage.

2. When Booker speaks of the Christmas season, what is his complaint?
(a) Churches must shorten their Christmas services.
(b) People have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.
(c) Stores sell too many unnecessary items.
(d) People give each other useless trinkets.

3. Because he's disappointed by how the people of Tuskegee regard Christmas, what does Booker introduce at his school?
(a) Lessons from major world religions.
(b) Bible teachings.
(c) Ethics education.
(d) History of Christianity.

4. How do the Tuskegee students treat Booker T. Washington?
(a) As a fellow friend and colleague.
(b) With contempt because they feel he's too demanding.
(c) With respect, helping him in many ways including carrying his books.
(d) With reservation, afraid to approach the school's director.

5. Who becomes Tuskegee Institute's treasurer and substitute principal?
(a) Jonathan Armstrong.
(b) George Campbell.
(c) Warren Logan.
(d) Lewis Adams.

Short Answer Questions

1. Booker notes that giving the students a building project teaches them all aspects of construction and gives them:

2. Before giving his speech at the 1895 expo, Booker does what?

3. What does Booker receive following his Atlanta Exposition speech?

4. Does General Armstrong teach at Tuskegee?

5. What happens to Booker's second wife?

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