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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author states that those earning seventy-five or a hundred dollars a month were:
(a) Considered wealthy.
(b) Often in debt by the end of the month.
(c) Expected to pay higher taxes.
(d) Regularly asked for monetary help by those earning less.

2. The Reconstruction Period refers to the:
(a) Pre-Civil War era.
(b) Era of migration from farms to factories.
(c) Post-Civil War era.
(d) Railroad building era.

3. Why is the plantation kitchen usually removed from the rest of the house?
(a) To keep kitchen smells out of the house.
(b) Because of the danger of fire.
(c) Because it generates too much smoke.
(d) To keep kitchen servants and slaves out of the house.

4. As a young boy, one of Booker's jobs is what?
(a) Taking wheat to the silo.
(b) Painting fences.
(c) None of these is correct.
(d) Carrying corn to the mill.

5. What agreement is made so that Booker can spend more time at school?
(a) He will work mornings and afternoons, attending school in between work shifts.
(b) His brother and sister will help tend to the sheep.
(c) His mother will hire a helper for the house.
(d) He will work odd jobs to earn money to pay for school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Booker comments that his students at Tuskegee are anxious to learn:

2. What does Booker say about his job working in coalmines?

3. On his journey to Hampton, Booker runs out of money for public transportation. How does he continue his journey?

4. What is the first number that Booker says he learns?

5. What does Booker comment about the schools in Tuskegee?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Booker's experiences as a young man working at restaurants.

2. How does Booker describe the residents of Tuskegee?

3. What does Booker do at the end of his first year at Hampton?

4. Who is Olivia A. Davidson?

5. What does Booker T. Washington know about his birth?

6. What does Booker say that many blacks aspire to during the post-Civil War "Reconstruction Period?"

7. What does Booker mean when he says that the people of Tuskegee are prone to some excess?

8. How do blacks react upon being read the Emancipation Proclamation?

9. Describe Booker's first group of students at Tuskegee.

10. What does young Booker do on the plantation as a slave?

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