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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Booker T. Washington is still teaching at Malden, who contacts him regarding a position at Hampton?
(a) Miss Mackie.
(b) General Armstrong.
(c) Colonel Ruffner.
(d) Mrs. Ruffner.

2. In the author's view, how would the freed slaves have been better served?
(a) Through the availability of work-study programs.
(b) Through trained advisors who could help with the transition.
(c) If the federal government had made plans to teach them.
(d) If the state government had created a job-finding service for them.

3. Booker states that in addition to receiving book knowledge in school, former slaves should be taught:
(a) How to look for and interview for a job.
(b) Practical skills, like cooking.
(c) That they can succeed in their new circumstances.
(d) That doing manual labor is not shameful.

4. When Booker first starts school, why is he not able to attend full time?
(a) He has to take care of the family's sheep.
(b) His mother needs his help around the house.
(c) His stepfather forces him to continue working.
(d) He cannot afford to pay the tuition.

5. What does Booker comment about the schools in Tuskegee?
(a) Most are poorly equipped and their teachers are not properly prepared.
(b) Most are well equipped but their teachers need better training.
(c) Most are poorly equipped but boast top-notch teachers.
(d) Most are well equipped and have good teachers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who mentors Booker as he tries to establish a school in Tuskegee?

2. What is a typical week for farming families in Tuskegee?

3. The author completes his studies at Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute:

4. What do students learn to do on the property that Booker purchases for his school?

5. Why is the plantation kitchen usually removed from the rest of the house?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Booker describe the residents of Tuskegee?

2. What does Booker mean when he says that the people of Tuskegee are prone to some excess?

3. How do blacks react upon being read the Emancipation Proclamation?

4. What is the Tuskegee Institute like in its earliest days?

5. What does Booker say that many blacks aspire to during the post-Civil War "Reconstruction Period?"

6. Booker decides it's time for him to go to Hampton. What is Hampton?

7. Does Mrs. Ruffner encourage Booker to get an education?

8. According to Booker, how might blacks suddenly faced with freedom have been better served?

9. What does Booker T. Washington know about his birth?

10. How do the blacks and the Indians get along at Hampton?

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