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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Booker travels by train and two women recognize him, they insist that he join them for dinner. Why does this worry him?
(a) He does not want their husbands to become jealous.
(b) He expects to be confronted because he is a black man dining in the white section.
(c) He does not recognize them and wonders what they want.
(d) He does not want his girlfriend to become jealous.

2. Booker points out that those who can't offer his Tuskegee school monetary donations instead offer:
(a) Family heirlooms.
(b) Home-cooked meals.
(c) Their time.
(d) Advice.

3. When money is raised for Booker and his wife to travel to Europe, the author feels what?
(a) Guilty at vacationing while others work.
(b) Thankful because his wife deserves a break.
(c) Excited about seeing Europe.
(d) Relieved that he finally gets a vacation.

4. Why does Booker say it was worth the effort to travel two thousand miles to give a five-minute speech?
(a) The women's group makes a generous donation to his school.
(b) He does not mind spreading the word about his school.
(c) He reaches influential people, and more speaking engagements result.
(d) He enjoyed meeting the President.

5. How does Booker handle complaints by parents who don't want their students to do manual labor at his school?
(a) He gives the parents a lecture about the benefits of hard work.
(b) He ignores them.
(c) He recruits these parents to help with construction projects.
(d) He excuses their children from doing manual labor.

6. Booker notes that when it comes to giving money to his Tuskegee school, some people:
(a) Give more often and more generously.
(b) Give more than they can possibly afford.
(c) Would rather spend it on their families.
(d) Bring meals instead.

7. Does General Armstrong teach at Tuskegee?
(a) No, but he heads a building project.
(b) No, he's at Hampton.
(c) Yes, part-time.
(d) Yes, full-time.

8. What moment does Booker say he enjoys the most when giving a speech?
(a) Right after he finishes his last word.
(b) The moment the applause begins.
(c) When he connects with his audience.
(d) Right before speaking his first word.

9. Booker is invited to serve on what kind of board?
(a) An educational advancement board.
(b) A teacher's rights board.
(c) An educational juror's board.
(d) An equal rights board.

10. Why do members of the community buy the bricks made by Booker's students?
(a) The bricks aren't of the best quality, but they are inexpensive.
(b) The community tries to help the school in every way possible.
(c) They are quality bricks, and there is no nearby competition.
(d) The bricks are far superior to what local competitors make.

11. What does Booker say about the way that Southerners treat him?
(a) They treat him like royalty.
(b) They treat him poorly.
(c) They never insult him.
(d) They are indifferent to him.

12. Why does Booker have his students build the Tuskegee Institute's buildings?
(a) The people he initially hired to construct the buildings took the money and left town.
(b) To show the surrounding community that he is committed to making a difference.
(c) To show them that work is not drudgery when innovative methods are used.
(d) To save money and teach his students practical skills.

13. In "Raising Money," after his meeting with a man whom he expected would donate to his school, how does Booker feel?
(a) Elated.
(b) As though he wasted his time.
(c) Angry but not defeated.
(d) Very grateful.

14. Booker says that officials and leaders who visit the Tuskegee Institute are what?
(a) Impressed by its progress.
(b) Appalled by conditions.
(c) Anxious to see results.
(d) Ready to help in every way possible.

15. After traveling two thousand miles to give his five-minute speech, what does Booker do?
(a) Spends time sightseeing.
(b) Returns home.
(c) Takes a train back to Boston.
(d) Attends a dinner event.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Booker say about his school's treasurer?

2. Who is Washington's third wife?

3. How long does it take Booker's school to raise enough money to pay off debt?

4. Who is Robert C. Bedford?

5. What do donors and supporters of Tuskegee thank Washington for?

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