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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Because he's disappointed by how the people of Tuskegee regard Christmas, what does Booker introduce at his school?
(a) History of Christianity.
(b) Ethics education.
(c) Bible teachings.
(d) Lessons from major world religions.

2. Why does Booker say it was worth the effort to travel two thousand miles to give a five-minute speech?
(a) He does not mind spreading the word about his school.
(b) He reaches influential people, and more speaking engagements result.
(c) He enjoyed meeting the President.
(d) The women's group makes a generous donation to his school.

3. What are the names of Booker's two sons?
(a) Booker and Ernest.
(b) Elias and Jacob.
(c) Jonathan and Edward.
(d) Lewis and Edison.

4. Who is Booker's second wife?
(a) Miss Mackie.
(b) Miss Davidson.
(c) Miss Ruthie.
(d) Miss Jefferson.

5. Why does Booker turn down offers from publishers and speech circuits?
(a) He'd rather spend time researching better education methods.
(b) To continue his work at Tuskegee.
(c) They do not offer enough payment.
(d) He does not trust their intentions.

6. After traveling two thousand miles to give his five-minute speech, what does Booker do?
(a) Takes a train back to Boston.
(b) Spends time sightseeing.
(c) Returns home.
(d) Attends a dinner event.

7. What does Booker say about his school's treasurer?
(a) He is never discouraged and believes in the success of the school.
(b) He is the most qualified man for the job due to his banking background.
(c) He regularly finds innovative ways to raise money for the school.
(d) He was under suspicion for a time when funds went missing.

8. Booker is invited to serve on what kind of board?
(a) A teacher's rights board.
(b) An educational advancement board.
(c) An equal rights board.
(d) An educational juror's board.

9. During his travels, what does Booker like to do on the train rides?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Rehearse his speeches.
(c) Read and relax.
(d) Meet new people.

10. When Booker is schedule to speak in Boston, he's also invited to speak where?
(a) In Detroit.
(b) In Tuskegee.
(c) In the South.
(d) In his hometown.

11. At the Tuskegee Institute, Booker absolutely insists that every student have and use a:
(a) Fountain pen.
(b) Comb.
(c) Slide rule.
(d) Toothbrush.

12. In the chapter "Raising Money," Booker relates the story of being told about a man who might be interested in donating to his school. How does Booker reach the man?
(a) Walks two miles to his house.
(b) Waits for him at his work.
(c) Takes a train.
(d) Rides a horse-drawn carriage.

13. When Miss Davidson travels to ask for financial support for the Tuskegee Institute, she meets two Northern ladies who agree to donate:
(a) Six thousand dollars a year.
(b) Twenty cents of every dollar they earn.
(c) Half of their inheritance.
(d) Four hundred dollars a month.

14. Does General Armstrong teach at Tuskegee?
(a) Yes, part-time.
(b) No, but he heads a building project.
(c) Yes, full-time.
(d) No, he's at Hampton.

15. What does Booker say happens when a student defaces property at the Tuskegee school?
(a) The student must repair or pay for the damages.
(b) Teachers lower the student's grade.
(c) The student is expelled for a week.
(d) Another student chastises the action.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Booker's second wife?

2. What does Booker receive following his Atlanta Exposition speech?

3. Booker says that officials and leaders who visit the Tuskegee Institute are what?

4. In his chapter on public speaking, the author expresses that before a speech, he:

5. When Booker travels by train and two women recognize him, they insist that he join them for dinner. Why does this worry him?

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