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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does it take Booker's school to raise enough money to pay off debt?
(a) Two years.
(b) Fifteen months.
(c) A few months.
(d) Ten months.

2. Regarding the people that Booker approaches to support Tuskegee Institute, he notes that:
(a) Most try to find a polite way to get out of helping.
(b) Most are uninterested.
(c) Most consider him to be doing "our work."
(d) Few actually offer funds.

3. When money is raised for Booker and his wife to travel to Europe, the author feels what?
(a) Excited about seeing Europe.
(b) Guilty at vacationing while others work.
(c) Relieved that he finally gets a vacation.
(d) Thankful because his wife deserves a break.

4. Worrying over his students, Booker often loses:
(a) Sleep.
(b) Weight.
(c) Money.
(d) His appetite.

5. Booker notes that giving the students a building project teaches them all aspects of construction and gives them:
(a) A sense of worth and accomplishment.
(b) Hands-on experience to keep them from getting bored.
(c) A trade to fall back on when they leave school.
(d) A reason to better appreciate their studies.

6. Who becomes Tuskegee Institute's treasurer and substitute principal?
(a) Jonathan Armstrong.
(b) Warren Logan.
(c) George Campbell.
(d) Lewis Adams.

7. During the time that a new boarding program is being developed at Tuskegee Institute, challenges include:
(a) Almost burning down the school.
(b) Having nowhere to cook and no dining hall.
(c) A shortage of building supplies.
(d) A strike by the school's teachers.

8. What does Booker receive following his Atlanta Exposition speech?
(a) An outpouring of approval.
(b) A basket of flowers.
(c) A threatening letter.
(d) An invitation to dinner.

9. What happens when Booker and his students try to construct a kiln for baking bricks?
(a) They fail in their first four attempts.
(b) They fail once, and then get experts to construct the kiln.
(c) It works perfectly the first time.
(d) Two students are seriously injured.

10. Who is Robert C. Bedford?
(a) The director of a nearby white elementary school.
(b) A black pastor at a white church.
(c) The director of a nearby black elementary school.
(d) A white pastor at a black church.

11. Why does Booker have his students build the Tuskegee Institute's buildings?
(a) The people he initially hired to construct the buildings took the money and left town.
(b) To show them that work is not drudgery when innovative methods are used.
(c) To save money and teach his students practical skills.
(d) To show the surrounding community that he is committed to making a difference.

12. When asking for funds for his school from the wealthy, Booker notes that it's best to:
(a) Compliment the donors profusely.
(b) Try to make the donors feel guilty.
(c) Speak loudly and quickly to generate excitement.
(d) Present facts about the school and not appear to beg.

13. Booker's trip to Europe is his first vacation in how many years?
(a) Twenty-two.
(b) Seven.
(c) Eighteen.
(d) Twelve.

14. How does Robert Bedford become involved with Tuskegee Institute?
(a) As its assistant principal.
(b) As a teacher.
(c) As a school trustee.
(d) As the school's chaplain.

15. When Booker travels by train and two women recognize him, they insist that he join them for dinner. Why does this worry him?
(a) He does not want their husbands to become jealous.
(b) He does not want his girlfriend to become jealous.
(c) He does not recognize them and wonders what they want.
(d) He expects to be confronted because he is a black man dining in the white section.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Booker's second wife?

2. What does Booker say about the way that Southerners treat him?

3. At his speaking engagement at the expo in 1895, Booker is:

4. Why does Booker turn down offers from publishers and speech circuits?

5. What moment does Booker say he enjoys the most when giving a speech?

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