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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Booker and his students discover when they first try to make bricks?
(a) It's easier than it looks.
(b) It's terribly time-consuming and boring.
(c) It's not easy.
(d) They don't have the right materials.

2. Why do members of the community buy the bricks made by Booker's students?
(a) The bricks are far superior to what local competitors make.
(b) They are quality bricks, and there is no nearby competition.
(c) The community tries to help the school in every way possible.
(d) The bricks aren't of the best quality, but they are inexpensive.

3. What does Booker tell people that he enjoys doing in his spare time in Tuskegee?
(a) Plant in his garden and raise fowl.
(b) Engage in philosophical debates.
(c) Write his memoir.
(d) Visit friends.

4. What does Booker say about his school's treasurer?
(a) He was under suspicion for a time when funds went missing.
(b) He regularly finds innovative ways to raise money for the school.
(c) He is the most qualified man for the job due to his banking background.
(d) He is never discouraged and believes in the success of the school.

5. In Europe, what observation does Booker make about Holland?
(a) The windmill designs are ingenious.
(b) The colorful tulips add beauty to the land.
(c) The land is used economically.
(d) The Dutch are industrious and progressive.

6. Because he's disappointed by how the people of Tuskegee regard Christmas, what does Booker introduce at his school?
(a) Bible teachings.
(b) History of Christianity.
(c) Lessons from major world religions.
(d) Ethics education.

7. How long does it take Booker's school to raise enough money to pay off debt?
(a) Fifteen months.
(b) Ten months.
(c) A few months.
(d) Two years.

8. What does Booker say happens when a student defaces property at the Tuskegee school?
(a) The student is expelled for a week.
(b) The student must repair or pay for the damages.
(c) Another student chastises the action.
(d) Teachers lower the student's grade.

9. Worrying over his students, Booker often loses:
(a) Weight.
(b) Sleep.
(c) His appetite.
(d) Money.

10. When Miss Davidson travels to ask for financial support for the Tuskegee Institute, she meets two Northern ladies who agree to donate:
(a) Six thousand dollars a year.
(b) Four hundred dollars a month.
(c) Half of their inheritance.
(d) Twenty cents of every dollar they earn.

11. Who is Booker's second wife?
(a) Miss Ruthie.
(b) Miss Davidson.
(c) Miss Jefferson.
(d) Miss Mackie.

12. When Booker speaks of the Christmas season, what is his complaint?
(a) Churches must shorten their Christmas services.
(b) People give each other useless trinkets.
(c) People have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.
(d) Stores sell too many unnecessary items.

13. When asking for funds for his school from the wealthy, Booker notes that it's best to:
(a) Try to make the donors feel guilty.
(b) Compliment the donors profusely.
(c) Speak loudly and quickly to generate excitement.
(d) Present facts about the school and not appear to beg.

14. What does General Armstrong loan to the Tuskegee Institute?
(a) His maps and globes.
(b) His personal savings.
(c) His book collection.
(d) His guesthouse.

15. During his big speech in 1895, what does Booker focus on?
(a) The need for good teachers to train the next generation.
(b) The people's responsibility towards future generations.
(c) The economic state of the nation's educational system.
(d) The need for blacks and whites to work together.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Booker is schedule to speak in Boston, he's also invited to speak where?

2. What does Booker state about the attitude of his Tuskegee students against manual labor?

3. Why does Booker say it was worth the effort to travel two thousand miles to give a five-minute speech?

4. What does Booker receive following his Atlanta Exposition speech?

5. During his travels, what does Booker like to do on the train rides?

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