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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do members of the community buy the bricks made by Booker's students?
(a) They are quality bricks, and there is no nearby competition.
(b) The community tries to help the school in every way possible.
(c) The bricks are far superior to what local competitors make.
(d) The bricks aren't of the best quality, but they are inexpensive.

2. Washington travels two thousand miles to give a five-minute speech to whom?
(a) A retired general.
(b) A women's group.
(c) A group of influential people.
(d) The President of the U.S.

3. Regarding the people that Booker approaches to support Tuskegee Institute, he notes that:
(a) Most try to find a polite way to get out of helping.
(b) Most are uninterested.
(c) Few actually offer funds.
(d) Most consider him to be doing "our work."

4. When Miss Davidson travels to ask for financial support for the Tuskegee Institute, she meets two Northern ladies who agree to donate:
(a) Half of their inheritance.
(b) Four hundred dollars a month.
(c) Twenty cents of every dollar they earn.
(d) Six thousand dollars a year.

5. After traveling two thousand miles to give his five-minute speech, what does Booker do?
(a) Attends a dinner event.
(b) Spends time sightseeing.
(c) Takes a train back to Boston.
(d) Returns home.

6. Booker notes that giving the students a building project teaches them all aspects of construction and gives them:
(a) Hands-on experience to keep them from getting bored.
(b) A trade to fall back on when they leave school.
(c) A sense of worth and accomplishment.
(d) A reason to better appreciate their studies.

7. How long does it take Booker's school to raise enough money to pay off debt?
(a) Ten months.
(b) Two years.
(c) A few months.
(d) Fifteen months.

8. In the chapter "Raising Money," what is the outcome of the meeting Booker has with a man he had been told might be interested in donating to his school?
(a) The man does not make a donation.
(b) The man explains he is no longer wealthy.
(c) The man donates a large sum.
(d) The man cuts the meeting short and asks Booker to leave.

9. What does Booker receive following his Atlanta Exposition speech?
(a) An outpouring of approval.
(b) An invitation to dinner.
(c) A basket of flowers.
(d) A threatening letter.

10. Why does Booker have his students build the Tuskegee Institute's buildings?
(a) The people he initially hired to construct the buildings took the money and left town.
(b) To save money and teach his students practical skills.
(c) To show the surrounding community that he is committed to making a difference.
(d) To show them that work is not drudgery when innovative methods are used.

11. What does Booker T. Washington say that General Armstrong teaches him about racial prejudice?
(a) It's unavoidable.
(b) It's a waste of time and energy.
(c) It's a sin.
(d) With much effort, it can be overcome.

12. What does Booker say about his school's treasurer?
(a) He is the most qualified man for the job due to his banking background.
(b) He is never discouraged and believes in the success of the school.
(c) He was under suspicion for a time when funds went missing.
(d) He regularly finds innovative ways to raise money for the school.

13. How does Robert Bedford become involved with Tuskegee Institute?
(a) As its assistant principal.
(b) As a school trustee.
(c) As the school's chaplain.
(d) As a teacher.

14. What does Booker feel should determine the right to vote?
(a) Age alone.
(b) The ability to read.
(c) An eligibility test for both races.
(d) Being born in the U.S.

15. What does Booker's third wife do at Tuskegee?
(a) She is a teacher and lady principal.
(b) She is director of the girls' dormitory.
(c) She is a teacher and musician.
(d) She is head cook.

Short Answer Questions

1. Booker says that officials and leaders who visit the Tuskegee Institute are what?

2. Why does Washington travel with Armstrong throughout larger Northern cities?

3. Booker states that efforts to foster community support for his Tuskegee school are:

4. What moment does Booker say he enjoys the most when giving a speech?

5. Who is Washington's third wife?

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