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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Booker say about his job working in coalmines?
(a) It's dirty and dangerous.
(b) It teaches him discipline.
(c) It pays very well.
(d) Everyone there is highly motivated.

2. In the chapter "Boyhood Days," what does Booker say he does in order to get to school on time?
(a) Changes the clock at work.
(b) Runs the entire distance to school.
(c) Skips breakfast.
(d) Wakes up earlier than the rest of his family.

3. What do Booker and his co-teacher at Tuskegee agree they need to add to their curriculum?
(a) Agriculture.
(b) Latin.
(c) Music.
(d) Hygiene.

4. While living with his stepfather, young Booker works:
(a) Delivering salt to merchants.
(b) Selling salt door to door.
(c) At salt furnaces.
(d) Driving salt trucks.

5. Booker states that many former slaves wanted to:
(a) Become attorneys.
(b) Hold public office.
(c) Move to New York.
(d) Move to another country.

6. Booker notes that even though the slaves are well informed, the biggest downfall is what?
(a) Lack of free time.
(b) Lack of book learning.
(c) No hope for advancement.
(d) No writing supplies.

7. What do the Hampton night school students earn money for?
(a) To buy their school meals and pay for their rooms.
(b) To put in the bank for when they're out of school.
(c) To help pay for tuition to Hampton's regular school.
(d) To support their families.

8. The Reconstruction Period refers to the:
(a) Era of migration from farms to factories.
(b) Pre-Civil War era.
(c) Post-Civil War era.
(d) Railroad building era.

9. What does Booker note that the people of Tuskegee want from him?
(a) To have him involved in their local politics.
(b) To be a voice for them as he travels from one community to the next.
(c) That he teach their children well so they can get out of poverty.
(d) That he create flexible schedules so the students can work and study.

10. Booker says that even as a very young child, most of his time is spent:
(a) Playing.
(b) Studying.
(c) Singing.
(d) Working.

11. When the author writes about the condition of the school he oversees in Tuskegee, what does he say about an umbrella?
(a) On "Teacher Appreciation Day," the students collect just enough money to buy Booker a gift of an umbrella.
(b) When Booker's umbrella tears in a violent storm, there are no funds available for a replacement, so he patches it up.
(c) On rainy days, a student holds an umbrella over Booker's head because the classroom leaks.
(d) There is only one umbrella available to the class, and students take turns using it.

12. On his journey to Hampton, Booker runs out of money for public transportation. How does he continue his journey?
(a) Hopping onto a freight train.
(b) Borrowing a bicycle, which he later returns.
(c) Hiding in a hay wagon.
(d) Walking and hitching rides.

13. What agreement is made so that Booker can spend more time at school?
(a) He will work odd jobs to earn money to pay for school.
(b) His brother and sister will help tend to the sheep.
(c) He will work mornings and afternoons, attending school in between work shifts.
(d) His mother will hire a helper for the house.

14. Who mentors Booker as he tries to establish a school in Tuskegee?
(a) George W. Campbell, a former slave owner.
(b) Lewis Adams, a former slave.
(c) George Campbell and Lewis Adams.
(d) No one.

15. When the Emancipation Proclamation is read to slaves, freeing them immediately, what does Booker say they consider after their initial celebration?
(a) They ask themselves what state they should move to.
(b) They wonder if they're being told the truth.
(c) They don't trust the masters to abide by the new law.
(d) They wonder where they will live and what work they'll do.

Short Answer Questions

1. In June of 1881, Booker is hired to oversee what kind of school in Tuskegee?

2. While Booker T. Washington is still teaching at Malden, who contacts him regarding a position at Hampton?

3. Although he is uncertain of the exact location of his birth, Booker T. Washington believes he was born near a:

4. Due to overcrowding at Hampton, there isn't enough room in the dormitories and some students have to spend the winter in:

5. Booker states that in addition to receiving book knowledge in school, former slaves should be taught:

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