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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Teaching School in a Stable and a Hen House.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the country families of Tuskegee go to town on Saturdays, what do they do there?
(a) Attend plays.
(b) Shop for supplies.
(c) Sell vegetables.
(d) Attend meetings.

2. In order to repay debts Booker's school has accumulated, his co-teacher holds what type of fundraisers?
(a) Rummage sales.
(b) Festivals.
(c) Reading marathons.
(d) Bake sales.

3. What does the author say that all of the newly freed, former slaves want?
(a) Monetary compensation from former masters.
(b) To change their names.
(c) To own land.
(d) Assistance with adjusting to their new lives.

4. When Booker first starts school, why is he not able to attend full time?
(a) He cannot afford to pay the tuition.
(b) His mother needs his help around the house.
(c) His stepfather forces him to continue working.
(d) He has to take care of the family's sheep.

5. What does the author say he learns about manual labor from Miss Mackie?
(a) Shortcuts for doing the job faster.
(b) It has its rewards and is nothing to be ashamed of.
(c) It should be done quietly and discreetly.
(d) It's better to pay someone else to do it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Booker notes that many blacks of his era wanted to learn what two languages?

2. What is Booker's brother's name?

3. What do most of the farmers in Tuskegee grow?

4. During the winter months, Mrs. Ruffner allows Booker to spend an hour a day doing what?

5. What does Booker observe about individuals educated in more affluent schools where the majority of their needs are met?

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