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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Helping Others.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author completes his studies at Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute:
(a) Even though half the class fails.
(b) With honors.
(c) Owing the school a large sum of money.
(d) In time to attend his sister's wedding.

2. Booker notes that even though the slaves are well informed, the biggest downfall is what?
(a) Lack of free time.
(b) Lack of book learning.
(c) No writing supplies.
(d) No hope for advancement.

3. Where does Booker go at the end of his second year at Hampton?
(a) To work for the railroads in Norfolk.
(b) Back to the job he had the previous summer.
(c) Home to see his family.
(d) Virginia Beach for fun and relaxation.

4. The "T" in Booker T. Washington stands for:
(a) Thomasino.
(b) Taliaferro.
(c) Theodoro.
(d) Trumbert.

5. When Booker works for Mrs. Ruffner, how much is he paid?
(a) Ten dollars a week.
(b) Ten dollars a month.
(c) Five dollars a month.
(d) Five dollars a week.

Short Answer Questions

1. What agreement is made so that Booker can spend more time at school?

2. Due to overcrowding at Hampton, there isn't enough room in the dormitories and some students have to spend the winter in:

3. While living with his stepfather, young Booker works:

4. While working for Mrs. Ruffner, Booker soon learns that she demands:

5. When Booker first starts school, why is he not able to attend full time?

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