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Lesson 1 (from A Slave Among Slaves)


A Slave Among Slaves

Booker T. Washington is born a slave and, as a young boy, lives and works with other slaves on a plantation. The objective of this lesson is to better understand the challenges of life as a slave.


1. Class Discussion - Where and when is Booker T. Washington born? Who are his parents? Where does he live on the plantation? What type of work does he do as a child? What do other slaves do on the plantation?

2. Writing Assignment - Describe, in detail, Booker's various duties as a child slave. Then, compare and contrast his chores with any chores you were responsible for as a young child.

3. Small Group Activity - On the plantation, Booker worked hard, lacked material things, and lived in difficult conditions, but he found strength in his family life and community. In small groups, summarize what the...

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