Up at the Villa Character Descriptions

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Mary Panton

This character borrows a Tuscan villa and is a recent widow.

Rowley Flint

This character is presented as a wealthy, ne'er-do-well character.

Edgar Swift

Mary's elder by several over twenty years, this character is solidly established in his career and wants to marry Mary.

Karl Richter

This character performs on the fiddle at the restaurant where the princess hosts a party.


This character hears the gunshot fired in the middle of the night and comes to investigate.

Princess San Ferdinando

This elderly, widowed character hosts the party at which Mary meets Karl Richter.


This character is told by Edgar to be certain that Mary takes a gun with her when she leaves the villa to go to Florence.

The Drunks in the Truck on the Mountain Road

Though unnamed, these characters interrupt the efforts by Mary and Rowley to dispose of Karl's body.

Colonel Trail

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