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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Julie start thinking of staying with Aunt Cordelia?
(a) Because Aunt Cordelia seems so sad.
(b) Because Uncle Haskell seems so sad.
(c) Because Julie will miss her friends too much.
(d) Because Laura's room is no longer available.

2. Why do Julie's friends think she is crazy for wanting to stay at Aunt Cordelia's house during high school?
(a) Because no young man will want to drive out there to date Julie.
(b) Because Uncle Haskell will scare off any potential suitors.
(c) Because she won't have a lot of the modern conveniences.
(d) Because Aunt Cordelia will be much stricter than Julie's father.

3. What do Julie's feelings of alienation prompt her to do?
(a) Talk to Aunt Cordelia.
(b) Run away to the city.
(c) Ask to go to a boarding school.
(d) Talk to Uncle Haskell.

4. What does Julie secretly think?
(a) That her father is not happy.
(b) That Jonathan is still a little bit in love with Aunt Cordelia.
(c) That Aunt Cordelia is still a little bit in love with Jonathan.
(d) That Uncle Haskell dislikes Jonathan.

5. What does Katy seem to find soothing?
(a) The calm demeanor of Uncle Haskell.
(b) Julie has not met Katy again since the first dinner.
(c) Her husband's voice telling her everything is alright.
(d) Going to the church and praying for hours a day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Julie's feelings towards Alicia eventually?

2. What were the college guys more interested in than in Julie?

3. What does Julie hear people whispering?

4. After Katy's trauma in the woods where Haskell rescues her, what occurs between Katy and Haskell?

5. What reason does Cordelia give for declining a teaching position in the school where the children will be going?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Julie's family do about Julie's sadness?

2. What does Carlotta think of Julie's decision to live with Aunt Cordelia through high school?

3. What does Julie tell Brett when she sees him the night of her meeting with Alicia?

4. How does Brett react to Julie's response to his request yet what does she agree to do?

5. How does Julie's luck with boys change in her junior year and how does her family feel about it?

6. What event mars some of Julie's joy at success?

7. What hobby does Julie take up in her senior year and who helps her?

8. How does Julie handle being hurt by what she thinks is Aunt Cordelia's rejection?

9. What does Julie think about moving back in with her father?

10. What happens to Uncle Haskell's and Katy's relationship?

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