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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aunt Cordelia share with Julie?
(a) Why Uncle Haskell never marries.
(b) A bottle of wine to celebrate Uncle Haskell's life.
(c) Some of the sorrows from the childhood she shared with Uncle Haskell.
(d) Some of Uncle Haskell's childhood writings.

2. What has an especially bad end?
(a) Uncle Haskell who freezes to death in the woods while drunk.
(b) Julie's relationship to Carlotta.
(c) Julie's junior year.
(d) Brett who dies in a car crash when angry and drunk.

3. Where has Chris been before the summer?
(a) In New York looking for a job.
(b) At his dad's house.
(c) At Laura's house.
(d) College.

4. How can those around her tell Julie is feeling better?
(a) She asks Aunt Cordelia for money for a couple new dresses.
(b) She is singing in the shower.
(c) She has a big breakfast and does a lot of housework.
(d) She goes out on a date with a guy named Joseph.

5. Why does Uncle Haskell call Julie down from upstairs one evening?
(a) To sing a song he's been trying to remember.
(b) To help him with Katy who he finds wandering in the woods.
(c) To finish the dishes she had left in the sink.
(d) To help him bury some more bottles.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Katy's trauma in the woods where Haskell rescues her, what occurs between Katy and Haskell?

2. What does Brett do when he and Julie are done talking?

3. What makes Julie start thinking of staying with Aunt Cordelia?

4. What amazes Jonathan about Katy and Haskell?

5. Where is Uncle Haskell's body found?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Julie's hobby successful and how do they celebrate? What does Uncle Haskell do?

2. Why is Julie happy the summer between her junior and senior year?

3. What hobby does Julie take up in her senior year and who helps her?

4. How does Julie handle being hurt by what she thinks is Aunt Cordelia's rejection?

5. What does Julie think about moving back in with her father?

6. What does Carlotta think of Julie's decision to live with Aunt Cordelia through high school?

7. What ends Brett and Julie's relationship and what does Brett do?

8. What does Julie tell Brett when she sees him the night of her meeting with Alicia?

9. What event mars some of Julie's joy at success?

10. What does Julie discuss with Aunt Cordelia and what is the result?

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