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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How accurate are Carlotta's predictions about the boys?
(a) Carlotta made no predictions.
(b) Julie has one or two suitors every semester, so she's wasn't completely accurate.
(c) Completely inaccurate as Julie has more suitors than any other girl.
(d) Amazingly accurate for the first two years of Julie's high school.

2. Who picks up Julie on her way home from school?
(a) Brett.
(b) Uncle Haskell.
(c) Chris.
(d) Danny.

3. What were the college guys more interested in than in Julie?
(a) Their studies.
(b) The girls on campus.
(c) Their hometown sweethearts.
(d) Football.

4. What convinces Julie to stay at Aunt Cordelia's?
(a) She and Alicia have a fight about the office.
(b) She doesn't like to be a built-in babysitter.
(c) She and her dad seem like strangers.
(d) She walks in on Alicia and her father in an amorous embrace.

5. What makes Julie start thinking of staying with Aunt Cordelia?
(a) Because Laura's room is no longer available.
(b) Because Julie will miss her friends too much.
(c) Because Aunt Cordelia seems so sad.
(d) Because Uncle Haskell seems so sad.

6. Why does Haskell eventually refuse to come to Jonathan's home?
(a) He can no longer watch Katy in this condition.
(b) He thinks Jonathan is abusing Katy.
(c) He believes Katy will let go and die if he isn't there to give her hope.
(d) He thinks Katy is doing this for his attention.

7. What discovery appalls Julie?
(a) That Aunt Cordelia is secretly seeing Jonathan.
(b) That her dad plans to have more children with Alicia.
(c) To learn that Alicia has converted the room Julie wants into an office.
(d) That Uncle Haskell has married a Mexican woman.

8. Who joins Julie doing things in the summer?
(a) Alicia.
(b) Her brother Chris.
(c) Her dad.
(d) Aunt Cordelia.

9. What were Julie and Brett's little walks normally?
(a) Private talk time.
(b) Time to enjoy the natural environment.
(c) Time to kiss and hold hands.
(d) Time for discussing school assignments.

10. What does Aunt Cordelia share with Julie?
(a) Some of Uncle Haskell's childhood writings.
(b) A bottle of wine to celebrate Uncle Haskell's life.
(c) Why Uncle Haskell never marries.
(d) Some of the sorrows from the childhood she shared with Uncle Haskell.

11. What does Haskell take time to do?
(a) Make Julie a shadowbox.
(b) Drive Julie to visit Laura.
(c) Listen to Katy.
(d) Listen to Jonathan.

12. What is the cause of Uncle Haskell's problem?
(a) She married someone else.
(b) Alcohol.
(c) Smoking.
(d) He thinks from chemicals used in the war.

13. Who else comes for a summer visit?
(a) Alicia and Julie's dad.
(b) Carlotta.
(c) Julie's other aunt.
(d) Laura, Bill, and little Julie.

14. Why does Aunt Cordelia summon Uncle Haskell to have Brett leave?
(a) She is not sure if Brett knows the woods well enough in the dark.
(b) She thinks Brett needs a man-to-man talk.
(c) She fears Brett's temper.
(d) She thinks it's too late to walk in the woods.

15. Why does Uncle Haskell need a diversion?
(a) He has been rejected by a woman he hoped to marry.
(b) He is dying from cirrhosis of the liver.
(c) He is dying from lung cancer.
(d) He is dying from a brain tumor.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Julie begin spending more time?

2. Where is one of Julie's stories published?

3. How can those around her tell Julie is feeling better?

4. How does Julie help Alicia?

5. What is Brett upset about in English class?

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