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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Julie is praying at the Cathedral of Four Silver Birches, who arrives?
(a) Chris.
(b) Laura.
(c) Aunt Cordelia.
(d) Uncle Haskell.

2. With what is Julie's house filled?
(a) Doctors and relatives.
(b) Meals brought from friends.
(c) Partying adults.
(d) Moving boxes.

3. To whom does Julie tell her fears about her and Laura?
(a) A teacher.
(b) Bill.
(c) Aunt Cordelia.
(d) A kind train conductor.

4. What do the children whisper?
(a) That Julie's cat attacked someone.
(b) That Julie's mother is a witch.
(c) That Julie is mean.
(d) That Julie is not going to be living there much longer.

5. When does Aggie die?
(a) She miraculously recovers.
(b) The morning after Julie visits her.
(c) She nevers gets fully well but lives another couple years.
(d) It takes her another week to die.

6. What does Aunt Cordelia do as Julie cleans the dishes?
(a) Goes to sleep.
(b) Looks through old letters from Jonathan.
(c) Rakes and burns leaves most of the night.
(d) Sits in her rocker and cries.

7. Why might Aunt Cordelia be looking forward to seeing Jonathan?
(a) She hopes he will finally pay her the money he owes her for tutoring him.
(b) She helped him become a famous author.
(c) He spurned her for another woman who is a shrew now.
(d) She was once in love with him.

8. That summer, what is happening to Aggie?
(a) She is getting married.
(b) She is being sent to an asylum for the insane.
(c) She is moving to another city.
(d) She is dying from an infected cut.

9. Who is Mrs. Peters?
(a) Julie's aunt's best friend.
(b) Julie's deceased mother.
(c) Julie's aunt's housekeeper.
(d) Julie's other aunt.

10. Why do the kids run off before they see what their uncle is doing?
(a) He shames them into running off.
(b) They hear their friends calling them.
(c) They hear their aunt Cordelia calling them for dinner.
(d) It's time to go to the schoolroom.

11. Upon what does Aunt Cordelia instruct Chris and Julie?
(a) Watercoloring.
(b) The art of good conversation.
(c) Posture and transitions.
(d) Cooking.

12. How does Julie's aunt make amends?
(a) Takes her to the zoo.
(b) Apologizes for being too harsh.
(c) Makes her hot chocolate.
(d) Makes her cupcakes.

13. What does Jonathan tell his wife?
(a) That Cordelia is the one who helps him get into college.
(b) That he is planning to start farming again.
(c) That Cordelia was married to his best friend, who is now deceased.
(d) That Jonathan wants a divorce.

14. Who is moving to town?
(a) Chris and his new wife.
(b) Laura and her husband.
(c) Jonathan Eltwing and his wife.
(d) Julie's father and his new wife.

15. Why might Aunt Cordelia not be wanting to see Jonathan?
(a) He was quite mean to her in high school.
(b) He is probably too famous now to have much to do with the likes of her.
(c) Because he is married and bringing his wife.
(d) Because he is has changed very radically.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Aunt Cordelia often treat Julie and Chris for their help?

2. Who comes to live at Aunt Cordelia's house with Julie?

3. When is the next time Julie sees Laura after Laura's marriage?

4. What sort of signs does Annie exhibit?

5. What does Uncle Haskell applaud?

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