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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the children whisper?
(a) That Julie is not going to be living there much longer.
(b) That Julie is mean.
(c) That Julie's cat attacked someone.
(d) That Julie's mother is a witch.

2. What is assumed that Julie would do at this time in her life?
(a) Return to her father's home.
(b) Nothing in particular.
(c) Run for class president.
(d) Go to boarding school.

3. That summer, what is happening to Aggie?
(a) She is moving to another city.
(b) She is getting married.
(c) She is being sent to an asylum for the insane.
(d) She is dying from an infected cut.

4. What does the person in #52 advise Julie?
(a) To think about how she can be loved and needed in a lower position.
(b) To try harder to make Laura pay attention to her.
(c) To forget about Laura and meet other people.
(d) To not worry and things will work out.

5. Why does Aunt Cordelia enlist the aid of Julie and Chris?
(a) To feed the chickens.
(b) To help her plan lessons for the other children.
(c) To clean the schoolroom each night.
(d) To milk the cows.

6. How much of Laura's time is taken up when Julie comes to visit her?
(a) Caring for her baby.
(b) Working at the drugstore.
(c) Sleeping because she is having a difficult pregnancy.
(d) Helping her husband with his studies.

7. Why do the kids run off before they see what their uncle is doing?
(a) He shames them into running off.
(b) They hear their aunt Cordelia calling them for dinner.
(c) It's time to go to the schoolroom.
(d) They hear their friends calling them.

8. Who does Julie rebuff with hostility?
(a) Laura.
(b) Aunt Cordelia.
(c) Aggie.
(d) Haskell.

9. Upon what does Aunt Cordelia instruct Chris and Julie?
(a) Cooking.
(b) Posture and transitions.
(c) Watercoloring.
(d) The art of good conversation.

10. How does Aunt Cordelia get the bulk of her income?
(a) Tutoring other children.
(b) Through farm revenues.
(c) Through teaching.
(d) An inheritance.

11. What enlivens Mrs. Eltwing?
(a) Playing the piano.
(b) Dessert.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Julie's drawings.

12. What impact does this hostility have on the person in question #65?
(a) The person goes and buries another bottle of whiskey.
(b) The person confronts Julie about it.
(c) The person does not speak to Julie for the rest of the school year.
(d) The person just shrugs it off.

13. What is one of Aunt Cordelia's greatest challenges as a schoolteacher?
(a) How to help a retarded student, Annie Kilpin.
(b) How to help Annie Kilpin slow down her writing to make it legible.
(c) To treat all students fairly.
(d) To get the other children to like Annie Kilpin.

14. What is Uncle Haskell holding?
(a) A bag of golf clubs.
(b) A bunch of daisies.
(c) The evening paper.
(d) A puppy.

15. What is the main idea of the note that Uncle Haskell slips under Julie's door?
(a) That staying or going from the farm, Julie is always there in spirit.
(b) He intends to slip a note under her door but does not.
(c) If Julie learns compassion from her guilt about Aggie, then Aggie will be immortal.
(d) That whether one chooses goodness or meanness, they are still loved by God.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Julie feel vulnerable?

2. Who comes to live at Aunt Cordelia's house with Julie?

3. What does Julie vow?

4. What are two of Aunt Cordelia's traits?

5. What does Aunt Cordelia bring to class for Julie's birthday?

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