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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Julie's dad try to keep her away from Haskell?
(a) Because he has never liked the man.
(b) Because he's an alcoholic.
(c) Because he is jealous of Haskell's closeness with Julie.
(d) Because of his made-up stories.

2. How does Aunt Cordelia get the bulk of her income?
(a) Through farm revenues.
(b) Through teaching.
(c) Tutoring other children.
(d) An inheritance.

3. What seems ironic about Aggie in the coffin?
(a) She looks very intelligent.
(b) She looks like an angel from God.
(c) She is clean and beautiful.
(d) It doesn't look like she is dead.

4. What does Julie do with the pink note cards Alicia Allison sends her?
(a) She prepares them with addresses to write thank you notes.
(b) She writes each invitation in perfect penmanship.
(c) She draws pictures on each one.
(d) She safely stows them in her trunk.

5. What is the aunt's response?
(a) She compromises.
(b) She gives Julie a few days to change her mind.
(c) She cannot have a party without inviting that person.
(d) She relents.

6. What has happened on this October day?
(a) Julie's grandmother dies.
(b) Julie's cat dies.
(c) Julie's father dies.
(d) Julie's mother dies.

7. Ironically, who in addition to others, blames Aunt Cordelia for Julie not having a party?
(a) Julie's father.
(b) The person Julie does not want to invite.
(c) Aunt Cordelia's best friend.
(d) Julie's other aunt who is there for the party.

8. Why does Julie feel vulnerable?
(a) She has a cast on her right leg.
(b) Her dog who always makes her feel safe is not with her.
(c) She is in a different place alone among strangers.
(d) She has to use crutches to walk.

9. Why might Aunt Cordelia not be wanting to see Jonathan?
(a) Because he is has changed very radically.
(b) Because he is married and bringing his wife.
(c) He is probably too famous now to have much to do with the likes of her.
(d) He was quite mean to her in high school.

10. Who comes to live at Aunt Cordelia's house with Julie?
(a) Her brother Chris and sister Laura.
(b) Her cousin Mary Jane.
(c) No one.
(d) Her brother Chris.

11. Why do the kids run off before they see what their uncle is doing?
(a) It's time to go to the schoolroom.
(b) They hear their aunt Cordelia calling them for dinner.
(c) They hear their friends calling them.
(d) He shames them into running off.

12. Who is Adam?
(a) One of the boys in the group of children.
(b) Julie's father.
(c) Her brother's best friend.
(d) Julie's older brother.

13. What is one of Aunt Cordelia's greatest challenges as a schoolteacher?
(a) How to help a retarded student, Annie Kilpin.
(b) To treat all students fairly.
(c) To get the other children to like Annie Kilpin.
(d) How to help Annie Kilpin slow down her writing to make it legible.

14. Why does Julie visit the Cathedral of Four Silver Birches?
(a) To see what the inside looks like.
(b) Because of her shame over hitting Chris.
(c) To pray for her mother.
(d) To talk to a priest.

15. What does Julie vow?
(a) To apologize to Chris.
(b) To ask her aunt not to favor boys over girls.
(c) That she will leave Aunt Cordelia's home as soon as she is old enough.
(d) To treat all fairly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Chris and Julie do when Laura is getting married?

2. What relationship is Jonathan Eltwing to Aunt Cordelia?

3. What does Uncle Haskell say that Aunt Cordelia is doing?

4. When did Julie last play with these children?

5. Who does Laura meet?

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