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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Julie start thinking of staying with Aunt Cordelia?
(a) Because Uncle Haskell seems so sad.
(b) Because Julie will miss her friends too much.
(c) Because Aunt Cordelia seems so sad.
(d) Because Laura's room is no longer available.

2. Why does Uncle Haskell need a diversion?
(a) He is dying from a brain tumor.
(b) He is dying from lung cancer.
(c) He is dying from cirrhosis of the liver.
(d) He has been rejected by a woman he hoped to marry.

3. What is Julie's response?
(a) She agrees having not thought about doing so but is happy her aunt reminds her.
(b) She agrees readily.
(c) She refuses to invite the person.
(d) She says she will think about it.

4. What does Julie assume Aunt Cordelia feels?
(a) Sadness at the prospect of Julie leaving.
(b) Excitement about having Julie for the summer months at least.
(c) Happy that she will soon no longer be burdened with raising Julie.
(d) Sadness about Jonathan.

5. Who is waiting to welcome Julie?
(a) Carlotta Berry and Mary Stuckley.
(b) Mary Stuckley and Susie Chaser.
(c) Danny Trevort and Carlotta Berry.
(d) Danny Trevort and Mary Stuckley.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what is Julie wondering?

2. Why does Jonathan sometimes call Haskell to his home?

3. What does Julie do as she explores her aunt's house?

4. What were Julie and Brett's little walks normally?

5. What bothers the other girls the most about Annie?

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