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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Julie Trelling walking as the story opens?
(a) In the hallway at school.
(b) In the woods behind her house.
(c) In the mall.
(d) Towards some neighborhood children.

2. What does Bill ask Julie to overlook about Laura during the visit?
(a) Her slovenly state.
(b) Her inability to be cheerful as usual.
(c) Laura's crotchety behavior.
(d) Her not being able to lie in bed with Julie and reminisce.

3. What does Uncle Haskell applaud?
(a) Cordelia's excellent meal.
(b) Julie's drawings.
(c) Mrs. Eltwing for her talents.
(d) Jonathan's last book.

4. What sort of signs does Annie exhibit?
(a) Signs of dying.
(b) Signs of understanding more than she lets on.
(c) Signs of physical abuse.
(d) Signs of undernourishment and mistreatment with no social skills.

5. What does Julie's aunt do when she finds Julie hiding?
(a) Crawls in with Julie and holds her and sobs.
(b) Coaxes Julie out with the promise of a trip to the zoo.
(c) Tells Julie she can stay in there as long as she wants.
(d) Admonishes Julie.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much of Laura's time is taken up when Julie comes to visit her?

2. Of what does Julie's social life consist her first two years of high school?

3. After Katy's trauma in the woods where Haskell rescues her, what occurs between Katy and Haskell?

4. What is the aunt's occupation?

5. What has an especially bad end?

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