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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Julie feel vulnerable?
(a) She is in a different place alone among strangers.
(b) Her dog who always makes her feel safe is not with her.
(c) She has a cast on her right leg.
(d) She has to use crutches to walk.

2. How does Laura's getting married change Julie's life?
(a) It doesn't change anything.
(b) She moves with her new husband about 300 miles away.
(c) Laura spends all her time with the man and has no time for Julie anymore.
(d) Laura and her husband move to China and teach English.

3. When does Aggie die?
(a) The morning after Julie visits her.
(b) She nevers gets fully well but lives another couple years.
(c) It takes her another week to die.
(d) She miraculously recovers.

4. Of what is Julie not convinced?
(a) That Laura is really that uncomfortable in her pregnancy.
(b) That Bill loves Laura as much as Julie does.
(c) That she still has a prominent place in Laura's life.
(d) That Bill really cares what Julie thinks.

5. Ironically, who in addition to others, blames Aunt Cordelia for Julie not having a party?
(a) Julie's father.
(b) The person Julie does not want to invite.
(c) Julie's other aunt who is there for the party.
(d) Aunt Cordelia's best friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Julie hits Chris for kissing her and gives him a black eye, what is Aunt Cordelia's response?

2. Upon what does Aunt Cordelia instruct Chris and Julie?

3. About what does Julie talk to Uncle Haskell?

4. What does Julie do with her party invitations?

5. What does Julie do as she explores her aunt's house?

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