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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the person in #52 advise Julie?
(a) To think about how she can be loved and needed in a lower position.
(b) To try harder to make Laura pay attention to her.
(c) To forget about Laura and meet other people.
(d) To not worry and things will work out.

2. Where do Julie and Carlotta take some gladiolas?
(a) To the church.
(b) To the cemetary to put on Julie's mother's grave.
(c) To their secret meeting place.
(d) To Aggie's house.

3. What is the aunt's response?
(a) She gives Julie a few days to change her mind.
(b) She relents.
(c) She compromises.
(d) She cannot have a party without inviting that person.

4. How does Laura's getting married change Julie's life?
(a) She moves with her new husband about 300 miles away.
(b) It doesn't change anything.
(c) Laura spends all her time with the man and has no time for Julie anymore.
(d) Laura and her husband move to China and teach English.

5. What is one of Aunt Cordelia's greatest challenges as a schoolteacher?
(a) To get the other children to like Annie Kilpin.
(b) How to help a retarded student, Annie Kilpin.
(c) How to help Annie Kilpin slow down her writing to make it legible.
(d) To treat all students fairly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the doctor do for Julie's screaming?

2. What does it mean to say her aunt is a spinster?

3. Where does Julie awaken?

4. What do the children whisper?

5. What does Julie do with her party invitations?

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