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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is Julie not convinced?
(a) That Bill really cares what Julie thinks.
(b) That Laura is really that uncomfortable in her pregnancy.
(c) That she still has a prominent place in Laura's life.
(d) That Bill loves Laura as much as Julie does.

2. What is Laura and Bill's baby named?
(a) Julie.
(b) Christine.
(c) Billie.
(d) Laura.

3. The next day, what does Aunt Cordelia show Julie?
(a) A picture of Jonathan and herself.
(b) A newborn lamb.
(c) A newborn litter of puppies.
(d) An old photograph of herself.

4. Who joins Julie doing things in the summer?
(a) Her dad.
(b) Her brother Chris.
(c) Alicia.
(d) Aunt Cordelia.

5. What do Chris and Julie do when Laura is getting married?
(a) They sneak away and don't go to the wedding.
(b) They participate in the wedding.
(c) They get together and cry.
(d) Chris is unable to come home from school so Julie is too sad to go to the wedding.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sort of signs does Annie exhibit?

2. What discovery appalls Julie?

3. Why does Haskell eventually refuse to come to Jonathan's home?

4. Where does Uncle Haskell prefer to be instead in with the noisy family?

5. What does Julie hear people whispering?

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