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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Aunt Cordelia summon Uncle Haskell to have Brett leave?
(a) She thinks it's too late to walk in the woods.
(b) She thinks Brett needs a man-to-man talk.
(c) She is not sure if Brett knows the woods well enough in the dark.
(d) She fears Brett's temper.

2. Where do Julie and Carlotta take some gladiolas?
(a) To the church.
(b) To their secret meeting place.
(c) To the cemetary to put on Julie's mother's grave.
(d) To Aggie's house.

3. What does Julie begin to do in her senior year?
(a) Sculpt.
(b) Paint.
(c) Write.
(d) Play the violin.

4. Why is the driver irritated with Julie?
(a) She didn't tell him she was staying after school.
(b) He has heard some mean rumors about her and Brett.
(c) He was afraid for her to walk home alone.
(d) She won't speak to him.

5. What has an especially bad end?
(a) Uncle Haskell who freezes to death in the woods while drunk.
(b) Julie's junior year.
(c) Brett who dies in a car crash when angry and drunk.
(d) Julie's relationship to Carlotta.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brett do when he and Julie are done talking?

2. When Julie hits Chris for kissing her and gives him a black eye, what is Aunt Cordelia's response?

3. What does Julie do with her party invitations?

4. How does Cordelia's father squelch rumors about Jonathan and Cordelia when she is tutoring him?

5. Why does Aunt Cordelia enlist the aid of Julie and Chris?

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