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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much of Laura's time is taken up when Julie comes to visit her?
(a) Sleeping because she is having a difficult pregnancy.
(b) Working at the drugstore.
(c) Caring for her baby.
(d) Helping her husband with his studies.

2. Of what does Bill assure Julie?
(a) That Julie is always welcome in their home.
(b) That once the baby is born, Laura and Julie can do the things they used to do.
(c) That Laura loves her as much as ever.
(d) That the baby only has part of Laura's heart.

3. What is the main idea of the note that Uncle Haskell slips under Julie's door?
(a) He intends to slip a note under her door but does not.
(b) That whether one chooses goodness or meanness, they are still loved by God.
(c) If Julie learns compassion from her guilt about Aggie, then Aggie will be immortal.
(d) That staying or going from the farm, Julie is always there in spirit.

4. How does Julie's aunt make amends?
(a) Makes her cupcakes.
(b) Takes her to the zoo.
(c) Apologizes for being too harsh.
(d) Makes her hot chocolate.

5. How does Laura's getting married change Julie's life?
(a) She moves with her new husband about 300 miles away.
(b) Laura and her husband move to China and teach English.
(c) Laura spends all her time with the man and has no time for Julie anymore.
(d) It doesn't change anything.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Aggie die?

2. What does Uncle Haskell say that Aunt Cordelia is doing?

3. With what is Julie's house filled?

4. Ironically, who in addition to others, blames Aunt Cordelia for Julie not having a party?

5. What is Laura and Bill's baby named?

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