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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Chris and Julie do when Laura is getting married?
(a) Chris is unable to come home from school so Julie is too sad to go to the wedding.
(b) They get together and cry.
(c) They participate in the wedding.
(d) They sneak away and don't go to the wedding.

2. What impact does this hostility have on the person in question #65?
(a) The person goes and buries another bottle of whiskey.
(b) The person confronts Julie about it.
(c) The person just shrugs it off.
(d) The person does not speak to Julie for the rest of the school year.

3. For what is Jonathan's wife known?
(a) Her cooking ability.
(b) Her paintings.
(c) She is a well-known writer herself.
(d) Her muscial talents.

4. Who is moving to town?
(a) Jonathan Eltwing and his wife.
(b) Laura and her husband.
(c) Chris and his new wife.
(d) Julie's father and his new wife.

5. When are Jonathan and his wife going to visit Cordelia's home?
(a) Jonathan has decided not to move back after all, so Cordelia will not see him.
(b) As soon as they are settled in.
(c) They probably won't because of Jonathan and Cordelia's former relationship.
(d) Saturday.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Laura's getting married change Julie's life?

2. The next day, what does Aunt Cordelia show Julie?

3. Ironically, who in addition to others, blames Aunt Cordelia for Julie not having a party?

4. Why does Haskell eventually refuse to come to Jonathan's home?

5. Where do Jonathan and Katy Eltwing move?

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