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Aunt Cordelia's House

This is huge and open, with white columns, a veranda spanning the front, and some brick steps leading into a curved pathway to the gate near the road.

Cathedral of Four Silver Birches

This is Julie's private place, formed from a cluster of four silver birch trees, whose intertwining branches create a roof.

Peter the Great

He is the huge farm horse which Julie rides during her stay at Aunt Cordelia's house.

Uncle Haskell's Carriage House

This is where Uncle Haskell lives apart from the big house on the farm where Aunt Cordelia lives.

Aunt Cordelia's Schoolroom

This is where Aunt Cordelia has taught for over thirty years.

The Old Creek Bridge

This is the site of Katy Eltwing's panic attack and the location of Uncle Haskell's body.

Uncle Haskell's Golf Bag

This contains a spade, instead of golf clubs, for burying empty whiskey bottles...

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