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Chapter 1

• As the novel begins, seven-year-old Julie Trelling walks hesitantly toward some neighborhood children standing at the gate at her house.

• Julie had last played with these children in August but has been sick with the same illness that claimed Julie's mother's life.

• They tell her they know she will be leaving soon.

• Julie screams at this mention of another drastic life change, when the last few days were filled with change and sadness.

• Julie's family's home has been filled with relatives and doctors and she knows that her father, Adam, is very quiet.
• Her nine-year-old brother, Chris, who is nearby, calls to their older sister, Laura. She picks up Julie and takes her to the safety of her room.

• When Julie awakens, she finds herself at the home of her mother's sister, Aunt Cordelia, a spinster schoolteacher.

• She learns that Aunt Cordelia is out this morning, and...

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