Unwind Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Connor Lassiter - This character is scheduled to be unwound for being troublesome. This character is immature, but intelligent.

Risa Ward - This character is a ward of the state and a perfectionist; the character is tough, analytical and logical.

Levi Jedediah Calder - This character's life purpose is to be unwound.

Hannah - This character is helps to facilitate an escape from the school.

Didi - This character is storked, but is rescued.

Roland - This character is a bully who is also an unwind; the character is one of the story's antagonists.

Hayden - This character is intelligent, but confused. This character is met in a basement and shares a crate on the ride to the Graveyard.

Cyrus Finch - This character claims not to be an unwind, merely a person who has left home and has received unwind brain bits.

The Admiral - This...

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