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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Karl borrow five dollars from Danjel?

2. What does Karl produce and sell to some of his neighbors?

3. Which food has Danjel offered to share with Karl and Kristina's family?

4. What does Kristina cut up to make diapers and clothing for her new baby?

5. Who does Ulrika plan to marry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Robert's harried hunting trip when he spies an Indian in a tree.

2. What news does Karl share in a letter to his parents?

3. What differing opinions do Karl, Kristina and Robert each have about Indians?

4. Explain why money is such a source of tension between Karl and Kristina.

5. Who loans Karl a cow for the winter, and why is the loan such a blessing to the family?

6. What advice does Robert give Arvid regarding his commitment to Danjel?

7. What does Karl produce that allows him to make a little bit of money?

8. Why does Kristina seem to have more tolerance for Ulrika than Karl does?

9. What is the irony of all the fodder that Karl has available to him now?

10. Explain how Karl and Robert are very much alike even though they do not think so.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the two major settings for the novel. Why does Moberg use the settings he does? What is the time period of the story? How important is the time period to the attitudes and issues of the characters?

Essay Topic 2

The author uses more than one iteration on the theme of struggle. Identify at least two examples about struggle in the book. Then explain how each example supports the theme of struggle.

Essay Topic 3

Create a brief character study of Karl Oskar. What does he look like? What are his positive personality traits? What are some of his negative characteristics? What are his hopes and fears? What motivates him during his lifetime?

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