Unto a Good Land a Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the ship that arrives in Chapter 1 and why are the passengers detained from disembarking?

In "A Ship Unloads Her Cargo," the Charlotta arrives. The ship is a brig, and among her passengers are a group of Swedish farmers and their families. The captain of the ship exchanges the money entrusted to him by the passengers for American gold and silver money. The passengers are forced to remain on board for three additional days as New York health officials look for signs of cholera.

2. Who are the principal characters in the book and what is their destination for settling in America?

The principal characters in the book are passengers Karl Oskar Nilsson, his wife Kristina and their three children. When the captain gives Karl Oskar his money, Karl Oskar tells him that he plans to take his family to Taylors Falls, a settlement in the Minnesota Territory. The captain tells Karl Oskar that the trip is more than fifteen hundred miles but agrees to help locate someone willing to guide them at least part of the way.

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