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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 and 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sign is Karl unable to read on the train?
(a) Please hand ticket to porter.
(b) Dining car this way.
(c) Danger! Watch your step.
(d) No smoking.

2. What city does the group arrive at in Chapter 7?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Pittsburgh.
(c) Buffalo.
(d) Albany.

3. What do the travelers call the prairie?
(a) A wasteland.
(b) A mirage.
(c) A blessing.
(d) A sea of grass.

4. Why will Karl and Kristina not allow their children to eat the food on the ship?
(a) It is moldy.
(b) It is not fully cooked.
(c) They are allergic to it.
(d) They think it is tained.

5. Why is Robert hurriedly studying English?
(a) So he can order food in a restaurant.
(b) So he can talk to girls.
(c) So he can pay for items and not be overcharged.
(d) So he can speak for the group after their guide leaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Karl write a letter telling of the group's arrival in America?

2. What is Karl Oskar's last name?

3. Who is Robert's best friend?

4. What happens to Karl when he goes ashore?

5. Ulrika is known as ______________________.

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