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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What caused the riot?
(a) A prisoner was killed.
(b) Privileges were taken away from a prisoner.
(c) The prisoners were being starved.
(d) A guard was killed.

2. What did the trooper's weapons fire?
(a) Double-O buckshot.
(b) Full metal jackets.
(c) Regular bullets.
(d) Grenades.

3. What is unique about killer Joseph Christopher?
(a) He is black, killing blacks.
(b) He is a transvestite killing gays.
(c) He does not fit a serial killer image.
(d) He is a white man killing black women.

4. How was Smith killed by Kuklinski?
(a) Cyanide and stabbing.
(b) Cyanide and blunt force trauma to the head.
(c) Cyanide and strangulation.
(d) Cyanide and gunshot.

5. What does Baden claim in the cause of failure for the ME system?
(a) A lack on interest.
(b) A lack of budget.
(c) A lack of proper equipment.
(d) Untrained MEs and political pressure.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the body of Daphne Mellon found?

2. Why is exhumation done early in the morning?

3. How does Baden know Gail Morris died on Saturday, and not on Friday or Sunday?

4. Where was Jaroslawicz's body found?

5. What does Baden believe killed Gail Morris?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Baden knew the hostages were killed by the guards.

2. Describe why a body in the desert mummifies, and why a body in the Arctic stays bacteria free.

3. Describe the symptoms of a heroin overdose, and how it kills.

4. Describe how the development of maggots helped determine time of death in the case of Gail Morris.

5. Explain how Carl Cappolino killed William E. Farber.

6. How did Baden know Paul Fried had not committed suicide?

7. Explain the disparity between Dr. Lee's issued cause of death and Baden's issued cause of death for Dr. Brown.

8. Explain what Baden and his team found when they became part of the medical review board that monitors prison deaths, and how those issues were addressed.

9. Why did Jerald Sklar confess to police his knowledge and his crimes, and what was the result?

10. Explain why the DA dropped the three additional murder charges against Kuklinski.

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