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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Sunny von Bulow the third time she was hospitalized?
(a) She was diagnosed with cancer.
(b) She went into a coma.
(c) She was saved, and went home.
(d) She died.

2. What did the prisoners do to William Quinn?
(a) Shot him.
(b) Raped him.
(c) Stabbed him.
(d) Beat him into a coma.

3. What did Travis and Peters do to cover up the crime?
(a) They hid the body.
(b) They fed the body to pigs.
(c) They dismembered the body.
(d) They burned down the house.

4. What is Attica?
(a) A detention center for wayward youth.
(b) A maximum security men's prison.
(c) A maximum security women's prison.
(d) A daycare.

5. What did the Buffalo Killer do to the taxi drivers in Buffalo?
(a) Cut off their hands.
(b) Cut out their kidneys.
(c) Cut off their heads.
(d) Cut out their hearts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Baden believe killed Gail Morris?

2. What did Robert Travis and Larry Peters set out to do at Dr. Brown's property on the night she died?

3. Why was Jaroslawicz's body preserved so well?

4. Why did Claus reject the idea of arguing that Sunny committed suicide?

5. How did Baden know Fried's death was not suicide by overdose?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the circumstances in the case of the S&M nurse and doctor in Chapter Ten that led to the case being taken to a grand jury to process the nurse for homicide.

2. Explain the circumstances surrounding the finding of Daphne Mellon's vehicle, personal items, and body, and why those findings led to questions.

3. Explain the situation that causes some teenagers and adults to accidentally commit suicide by hanging during sexual experimentation.

4. Explain how Baden used the digestive system to determine time of death in the Hendricks case.

5. What are possible motives given for Joseph Christopher's killing spree?

6. Why did Kuklinski use cyanide, and how did Baden discover it on his victims?

7. Explain the disparity between Dr. Lee's issued cause of death and Baden's issued cause of death for Dr. Brown.

8. Explain why doctors believed Sunny von Bulow was suffering from low blood sugar on her arrival the third time at the hospital, in spite of EMT belief that she was suffering an overdose.

9. Explain Ondine's syndrome.

10. Explain why, from the beginning, Baden believed the police had the wrong time of death for Gail Morris.

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