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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What group was set up in 1977 to help explain the Kennedy assassination?
(a) The CIA.
(b) The Select Committee on Assassinations.
(c) The Board of Presidential Death.
(d) The Federal Investigative Bureau.

2. What causes the skin and blood of a victim to turn cherry-pink?
(a) Cyanide poisoning.
(b) Ricin poisoning.
(c) Arsenic poisoning.
(d) Carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. What did Baden give to the biologist that allowed him to give a time of death for the 55 year old woman of at least a year and a half?
(a) Blood.
(b) Algae.
(c) Fish samples.
(d) Water.

4. Why does Baden believe Levine was convicted at all costs?
(a) Morgenthau's office had previously lost evidence, which allowed him to be set free.
(b) The DA wanted a conviction to serve justice.
(c) The DA wanted a conviction to spare the family.
(d) The ME wanted a raise.

5. What were the complaints against Baden as ME by Morgenthau and Ferrer?
(a) He is uncooperative, and improper with other staff members.
(b) He has bad judgment, is uncooperative, and lies to protect himself.
(c) He is a sloppy administrator, has bad judgment, and an uncooperative attitude.
(d) He lies on the stand to protect the DA.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are symptoms of ricin poisoning?

2. What happened in St. Louis in 1973 that hindered MIA investigations?

3. What trait does Baden note forensic pathologists have to have?

4. What fact about the 'magic' bullet does Baden point out that explains its ability to travel through more than one person?

5. What was the outside ME's issued cause of death in the Stewart case?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe why Baden believes the dead woman at the fund raiser and the dead baby in the impoverished apartment represent the inequalities of life.

2. List the three tests used to determine how long someone has been dead, and mention what they are.

3. Describe why Baden notes the conspiracy theorists' use of the head movement of Kennedy after his shooting leads to unreliable conclusions.

4. Describe the blunders that occurred during the Levin and Chambers case.

5. Discuss the symptoms of strychnine.

6. Explain how the body of Theresa Ferrara was identified and why there were different strands of hair on her torso.

7. Describe how Baden explains why the father of the female drug addict in Chapter Two has little emotion.

8. Explain why identification of the victims of Flight 66 was hindered.

9. Explain how Baden discovered the age, time of death, and identity of Katherine Howard.

10. In the end of Chapter One, the report given to the FBI suggests two shooters. Explain the event that prompted the committee to suggest this.

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