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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Baden believe is a reflection of the way people live?
(a) Their money.
(b) The people who appear at their funeral.
(c) Their obituary.
(d) The way people die.

2. If the primary method of identification is not available, what is the second type used?
(a) Dental records.
(b) Family identification.
(c) ID Tags.
(d) Bone scans.

3. What fact about the 'magic' bullet does Baden point out that explains its ability to travel through more than one person?
(a) The bullet was large.
(b) The bullet was made with a full metal jacket.
(c) The bullet was specially made.
(d) The bullet was not jacketed.

4. What do some list as a reason to believe Marilyn Monroe was murdered?
(a) There was blood at the scene.
(b) She told someone she was being followed.
(c) She didn't leave a note.
(d) There were no barbiturates in her stomach.

5. What does Baden realize about Humes and Finck, the men who performed the original autopsy?
(a) Neither were in the military, and thus, did not have clearance.
(b) Both were hired by the family.
(c) Both were trying to cover up the truth.
(d) Neither had previously done an autopsy this complex.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the group find has happened to Kennedy's brain?

2. Why are many exotic poisons difficult to detect during autopsy?

3. What happens to Baden's patient following his release from the hospital at the end of Chapter Two?

4. Where did Baden moonlight during his residency?

5. What fact does Baden point to that makes him believe Miriam Weinfeld was not raped?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Baden chose forensic medicine as his profession.

2. Explain why Baden believes people go into particular medical professions.

3. Describe briefly the position of coroner during the reign of King Richard I.

4. Explain how ricin came into fame in 1978.

5. What are the ways mentioned in Chapter Six to identify a body?

6. Describe the event in Oklahoma that caused the state to create an office of medical examiner.

7. In the end of Chapter One, the report given to the FBI suggests two shooters. Explain the event that prompted the committee to suggest this.

8. Explain why Baden believes coroners are often in trouble as a result of their positions.

9. Summarize Baden's beliefs about what the DA expects an ME to do during autopsy, when issuing a cause of death or other findings.

10. Describe why there was controversy surrounding the death of Elvis.

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