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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the prisoners who told reporters they disagreed with the riot?
(a) They were shot to death.
(b) They were beat to death.
(c) They were stabbed to death.
(d) They were set free.

2. Who watched the autopsy of Jaroslawicz?
(a) A district attorney.
(b) Another ME.
(c) A local priest.
(d) A pediatrician who was also a rabbi.

3. What does Baden claim about the "cardiorespiratory arrest" cause of death issued for Joseph?
(a) It is an accurate diagnosis.
(b) It assumes murder.
(c) It assumes no unnatural cause.
(d) It is a wastebasket diagnosis.

4. What did Mario Jascalevich claim to be doing with curare?
(a) Treating patients outside the hospital.
(b) Testing on dogs.
(c) Stealing it to sell.
(d) Dosing himself.

5. Claus von Bulow was originally found guilty of what?
(a) Two counts of attempted murder.
(b) Two counts of murder.
(c) One count of murder.
(d) One count of attempted murder.

6. Where did David Hendricks take his children to eat the night they were murdered?
(a) A sub sandwich shop.
(b) A fast food restaurant.
(c) A pizza parlor.
(d) They ate at home.

7. What is the proof of cyanide poisoning Baden finds in the bodies that is crucial to the case?
(a) Cyanide is found in the tissue.
(b) There is lividity in the bodies.
(c) The smell of bitter almonds is present.
(d) Baden didn't find proof of cyanide poisoning.

8. What was the original cause of death listed on Daphne Mellon's death certificate?
(a) Gunshot wound.
(b) Drug overdose.
(c) Strangulation.
(d) Blunt force trauma.

9. How did Baden determine true time of death?
(a) Potassium eye fluid test.
(b) Rigor mortis.
(c) Algor mortis.
(d) Livor mortis.

10. Dr. Worthington was willing to testify to what?
(a) That Sunny had bruises and scratches consistent with abuse.
(b) That Sunny had overdosed.
(c) That Sunny had been murdered.
(d) That Sunny had bruises and scratches consistent with self inflicted wounds.

11. What was the first indicator that the Tinning children did not die from bad genes?
(a) One child had severe bruising.
(b) One child was adopted.
(c) One child was shot.
(d) One child was found starved to death.

12. Why were the corrections officers not supposed to take part in the raid?
(a) They would side with inmates.
(b) They would seek revenge.
(c) They would be reluctant to kill.
(d) They would be slower.

13. How was Smith killed by Kuklinski?
(a) Cyanide and strangulation.
(b) Cyanide and blunt force trauma to the head.
(c) Cyanide and gunshot.
(d) Cyanide and stabbing.

14. What pattern does Baden find in the .22 caliber killer, the New York Slasher, and the Buffalo Slasher?
(a) The killer is distant.
(b) The killer is weak.
(c) The killer is extremely brazen.
(d) The killer used the same weapon.

15. Why did the urine in Belushi's bladder help police?
(a) There was none, indicating he had gotten up to urinate.
(b) The amount showed he had slipped into a coma.
(c) There was none, indicating he had urinated himself.
(d) There was not enough to indicate he had slipped into a coma.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the riot?

2. Why did Baden question Dr. Worthington's qualifications?

3. What mistake does Baden blame prison authorities for making?

4. Why was Jaroslawicz's body preserved so well?

5. Why were the Attica lawsuits mostly thrown out?

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