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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Riverdell Hospital?
(a) It closed for lack of patients.
(b) It was burned down.
(c) It was demolished in a tornado.
(d) It was closed by the government.

2. What does Baden believe killed Gail Morris?
(a) Heroin overdose.
(b) A gun shot wound.
(c) A blow to the head.
(d) Alcohol overdose.

3. What did Fried's three daughters not believe?
(a) That he died of a gunshot wound.
(b) That he fell from a ladder.
(c) That he drown.
(d) That his death was a suicide.

4. Why does Baden say MEs fear SIDS organizations when they investigate a child's death?
(a) SIDS organizations try to have MEs fired.
(b) SIDS organizations threaten to sue the ME.
(c) SIDS organizations try to convince parents not to allow autopsy.
(d) SIDS organizations discourage investigations, since they can cause mental anguish to grieving parents.

5. On investigation, what did the Claus defense team find about Dr. Worthington?
(a) He was a lover of Sunny.
(b) He was the murderer.
(c) He was a lover of Claus.
(d) He had not completed college.

6. Why was Leonard Barco an obvious suspect for the killing of Gail Morris?
(a) He was her brother.
(b) He was her husband.
(c) He was the last person to leave her apartment.
(d) He was the last to be seen with her alive.

7. What does Baden find when he examines the body of Gail Morris?
(a) There are gunshot wounds in the back.
(b) There are wounds consistent with being hit in the head.
(c) There are no signs of murder.
(d) There are stab wounds.

8. Who led the state police in the raid?
(a) Hank Williams.
(b) Roger Champen.
(c) William Quinn.
(d) Frank Smith.

9. How does cocaine kill people?
(a) Through heart arrhythmia.
(b) Through suffocation.
(c) Through nasal passage explosion.
(d) Through stroke.

10. What did Sklar do following Paul's murder?
(a) Used a copy of house keys to rob the home.
(b) Helped bury the body.
(c) Helped cut up the body.
(d) Stole the car from the garage.

11. How did Baden know Fried's death was not suicide by overdose?
(a) He had low levels of heroin in his system.
(b) He had low levels of barbiturates in his system.
(c) He did not have any drugs in his system.
(d) He had low levels of cocaine in his system.

12. What leads investigators to ask for Baden's assistance with Dr. Brown's murder?
(a) They find soot in the airway, but no carbon monoxide.
(b) They find no traces of drugs in Dr. Brown's system.
(c) They find carbon monoxide, but no soot in the airway.
(d) They find no body, but traces of burnt flesh.

13. What punishment did Carl Coppolino receive for the murder of his wife?
(a) Twelve and one-half years in jail.
(b) A life sentence.
(c) Nothing; he was acquitted.
(d) The death penalty.

14. What is Baden's criticism against the doctors who saw Tinning's nine dead children?
(a) That they were inefficient.
(b) That they didn't show enough sympathy.
(c) That they could have saved the children.
(d) That they didn't want to suspect murder.

15. Why was Sunny von Bulow hospitalized the second time?
(a) Sunny von Bulow overdosed on alcohol.
(b) Sunny von Bulow overdosed on aspirin.
(c) Sunny von Bulow overdosed on heroin.
(d) Sunny von Bulow overdosed on cocaine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Catherine steal while Paul was in the hospital?

2. How did the ME know Masgay had been frozen?

3. Why did Claus reject the idea of arguing that Sunny committed suicide?

4. Why were the Attica lawsuits mostly thrown out?

5. What did the funeral director miss when preparing the body for funeral?

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