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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Baden offer to do a minimum autopsy?
(a) To ensure political power.
(b) To hide the evidence.
(c) To soothe the Hasidic Jews of the community.
(d) To cover up the removal of the body.

2. What did Travis and Peters do to cover up the crime?
(a) They hid the body.
(b) They fed the body to pigs.
(c) They dismembered the body.
(d) They burned down the house.

3. Who was the abuser in the relationship between Catherine and Paul?
(a) Both Catherine and Paul.
(b) Neither Catherine or Paul.
(c) Catherine.
(d) Paul.

4. Where was Jaroslawicz's body found?
(a) In the river.
(b) In a small cupboard in a work shop.
(c) In a small box under a work bench.
(d) In the trunk of a car.

5. What does Baden accuse MEs of doing at the beginning of Chapter Eleven if they can't figure out a cause of death?
(a) Making something up.
(b) Lying to police to disagree with their findings.
(c) Finding a cause that agrees with police.
(d) Giving up, and handing off the case.

6. How was Smith killed by Kuklinski?
(a) Cyanide and gunshot.
(b) Cyanide and blunt force trauma to the head.
(c) Cyanide and strangulation.
(d) Cyanide and stabbing.

7. Why is exhumation done early in the morning?
(a) It takes a day.
(b) It is economical.
(c) There are fewer people in the cemetery.
(d) It is easier to dig in the morning.

8. What did Travis decide to try to steal from inside the house of Dr. Brown?
(a) Her money.
(b) Her cat.
(c) Her antiques.
(d) Her rifle.

9. What is succinylcholine typically used for?
(a) To ease pain.
(b) To relax tension.
(c) To ease headaches.
(d) To relax skeletal muscles.

10. What did Sklar do following Paul's murder?
(a) Helped cut up the body.
(b) Used a copy of house keys to rob the home.
(c) Stole the car from the garage.
(d) Helped bury the body.

11. Why did Nigerians misdiagnose the reddish color of the brain in the body of Whitney Young, as a brain hemorrhage?
(a) There was blood loss in the brain.
(b) There was evidence he was struck on the head.
(c) The body was head down for several hours.
(d) There was evidence he had a bacterial disease.

12. Why did Claus reject the idea of arguing that Sunny committed suicide?
(a) He didn't want to hurt her image.
(b) He thought his family would be angry.
(c) He thought her family would be angry.
(d) He didn't believe she would commit suicide.

13. For what was Michael Privitiera killed?
(a) Trying to escape.
(b) Leaking to reporters.
(c) Starting fights.
(d) Stealing weapons.

14. Why was Leonard Barco an obvious suspect for the killing of Gail Morris?
(a) He was her brother.
(b) He was the last to be seen with her alive.
(c) He was the last person to leave her apartment.
(d) He was her husband.

15. Who watched the autopsy of Jaroslawicz?
(a) Another ME.
(b) A local priest.
(c) A pediatrician who was also a rabbi.
(d) A district attorney.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Baden find when he examines the body of Gail Morris?

2. What caused the riot?

3. What is unique about killer Joseph Christopher?

4. What did Catherine steal while Paul was in the hospital?

5. What punishment did Carl Coppolino receive for the murder of his wife?

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