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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Buffalo Killer do to the taxi drivers in Buffalo?
(a) Cut out their kidneys.
(b) Cut off their heads.
(c) Cut out their hearts.
(d) Cut off their hands.

2. How did the ME know Masgay had been frozen?
(a) There was frostbite on the toes.
(b) His nose was still frozen.
(c) His eyeballs had burst.
(d) He found ice crystals in the tissue.

3. Why was Leonard Barco an obvious suspect for the killing of Gail Morris?
(a) He was the last to be seen with her alive.
(b) He was her brother.
(c) He was her husband.
(d) He was the last person to leave her apartment.

4. What did the trooper's weapons fire?
(a) Regular bullets.
(b) Full metal jackets.
(c) Double-O buckshot.
(d) Grenades.

5. What does Baden claim about the "cardiorespiratory arrest" cause of death issued for Joseph?
(a) It assumes murder.
(b) It assumes no unnatural cause.
(c) It is an accurate diagnosis.
(d) It is a wastebasket diagnosis.

6. Why was Jaroslawicz's body preserved so well?
(a) He was kept in plastic underwater.
(b) He was kept in plastic in a cold room.
(c) He was kept in plastic outside.
(d) He was kept in plastic in a warm room.

7. What do drowning victims have in common with heroin overdose cases?
(a) Both have fluid in the lungs.
(b) Both have foam in the airway.
(c) Both have enlarged veins.
(d) Both have enlarged brains.

8. What does Baden accuse MEs of doing at the beginning of Chapter Eleven if they can't figure out a cause of death?
(a) Finding a cause that agrees with police.
(b) Lying to police to disagree with their findings.
(c) Giving up, and handing off the case.
(d) Making something up.

9. Why did Nigerians misdiagnose the reddish color of the brain in the body of Whitney Young, as a brain hemorrhage?
(a) There was evidence he was struck on the head.
(b) The body was head down for several hours.
(c) There was evidence he had a bacterial disease.
(d) There was blood loss in the brain.

10. Why does Baden say MEs fear SIDS organizations when they investigate a child's death?
(a) SIDS organizations discourage investigations, since they can cause mental anguish to grieving parents.
(b) SIDS organizations try to have MEs fired.
(c) SIDS organizations try to convince parents not to allow autopsy.
(d) SIDS organizations threaten to sue the ME.

11. What does Baden find in his autopsies?
(a) The hostages died from being stabbed by guards.
(b) The hostages died from being poisoned by other prisoners.
(c) The hostages died from being shot by guards.
(d) The prisoners died from being shot by other prisoners.

12. What did Travis do when Dr. Brown caught him inside the house?
(a) He shot her in the neck.
(b) He stabbed her in the neck.
(c) He choked her.
(d) He punched her in the neck.

13. Why is exhumation done early in the morning?
(a) There are fewer people in the cemetery.
(b) It is economical.
(c) It takes a day.
(d) It is easier to dig in the morning.

14. Who was the abuser in the relationship between Catherine and Paul?
(a) Paul.
(b) Catherine.
(c) Both Catherine and Paul.
(d) Neither Catherine or Paul.

15. What did Catherine steal while Paul was in the hospital?
(a) His jewelry.
(b) $10,000 and Paul's will.
(c) $100,000 and Paul's will.
(d) $6,000 and Paul's pre-nuptial agreement.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Fried's three daughters not believe?

2. What misled the doctors the day of Sunny's third hospitalization?

3. How many Tinning children were given a cause of death of SIDS?

4. What does Baden claim in the cause of failure for the ME system?

5. What does Baden believe was the motive for Tinning's murders?

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