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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What military rule hindered the MIA team until 1985?
(a) Military planes did not keep record of the passengers.
(b) Dental records were carried on board with their owners.
(c) Xrays were not kept.
(d) Dental records were not kept.

2. What does Baden learn after noting $40 on the body of a dead man in an apartment?
(a) Often, things are stolen from dead bodies.
(b) Often, police overlook such things.
(c) Often, family reports stolen jewelry.
(d) Often, the victim has no valuables.

3. What does Baden realize about Humes and Finck, the men who performed the original autopsy?
(a) Neither had previously done an autopsy this complex.
(b) Neither were in the military, and thus, did not have clearance.
(c) Both were hired by the family.
(d) Both were trying to cover up the truth.

4. Baden's patient at the end of Chapter Two suffers from what?
(a) An infection of the heart valve.
(b) An infection of the brain.
(c) An infection of the blood.
(d) An infection of the toe.

5. What is rigor mortis?
(a) A method to determine time of death that uses body temperature.
(b) A method to determine time of death that uses body stiffness.
(c) A method to determine time of death that uses body decomposition.
(d) A method to determine time of death that uses body color.

6. Why does Baden finally choose to follow forensic medicine?
(a) He enjoys the money.
(b) He enjoys being out of the limelight.
(c) He believes the field helps individuals.
(d) He believes the field helps the masses.

7. What did Humes originally claim had happened to the bullet that went into Kennedy's back?
(a) It was lodged in the body.
(b) It exited through the stomach.
(c) It exited through the arm.
(d) It fell back out the entrance wound.

8. What piece of evidence was crucial to the case in 1910?
(a) The scar on the torso.
(b) The scar on the pelvis.
(c) The scar on the arm.
(d) The scar on the scalp.

9. What were the complaints against Baden as ME by Morgenthau and Ferrer?
(a) He is a sloppy administrator, has bad judgment, and an uncooperative attitude.
(b) He has bad judgment, is uncooperative, and lies to protect himself.
(c) He is uncooperative, and improper with other staff members.
(d) He lies on the stand to protect the DA.

10. What did medical examiners have to decide between as a cause of death for Elvis?
(a) Drugs or gonorrhea.
(b) Heart disease or drugs.
(c) Cancer or drugs.
(d) Cancer or heart disease,

11. During Chapter Two, what do the doctors at the table of the woman who died believe was her cause of deathf?
(a) Drug abuse.
(b) Cancer.
(c) A heart attack.
(d) Choking.

12. What do the police claim Frank Falco used to pretend he had a gun?
(a) A Coke bottle.
(b) A Pepsi bottle.
(c) His finger.
(d) A wooden gun.

13. What are symptoms of ricin poisoning?
(a) Sore throat, cough, and sneezing.
(b) Abdominal pain, cramps, and dehydration.
(c) Heart palpitations, weakness, and numbing.
(d) Sweating, sore joints, and headache.

14. Why did Baden delay the autopsy report in the case of Willie Welch?
(a) He was reluctant to help the DA.
(b) He was unwilling to claim Welch was stabbed.
(c) He was arguing with Dr. Rho about cause of death.
(d) He was waiting for toxicology reports.

15. What was the end result of Baden's case?
(a) He was given a settlement.
(b) He was reinstated.
(c) He was moved into a different position.
(d) He was not reinstated.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Baden find in the pilot of Flight 66?

2. How long does the military keep medical records?

3. How did Furue claim he matched the bones to the missing person list?

4. What happened in St. Louis in 1973 that hindered MIA investigations?

5. Where were the survivors of Flight 66 sitting?

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