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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who created Four Stages of Cruelty?
(a) Samuell Yeoungman.
(b) Janet Robinson.
(c) George Harlington.
(d) William Hogarth.

2. How did Furue claim he matched the bones to the missing person list?
(a) By examining the bones to determine height, weight, and age.
(b) By finding scarring to match old Xrays.
(c) By locating implants.
(d) By examining the bones to determine ethnicity.

3. What piece of evidence was crucial to the case in 1910?
(a) The scar on the arm.
(b) The scar on the scalp.
(c) The scar on the torso.
(d) The scar on the pelvis.

4. Why did Baden delay the autopsy report in the case of Willie Welch?
(a) He was arguing with Dr. Rho about cause of death.
(b) He was reluctant to help the DA.
(c) He was waiting for toxicology reports.
(d) He was unwilling to claim Welch was stabbed.

5. What causes the skin and blood of a victim to turn cherry-pink?
(a) Ricin poisoning.
(b) Cyanide poisoning.
(c) Arsenic poisoning.
(d) Carbon monoxide poisoning.

6. What case does Baden believe was a triumph for forensic medicine in 1910?
(a) The Jack the Ripper case.
(b) The Crippen murder case.
(c) The Triffin murder case.
(d) The William Hogarth case.

7. What did medical examiners have to decide between as a cause of death for Elvis?
(a) Cancer or drugs.
(b) Heart disease or drugs.
(c) Cancer or heart disease,
(d) Drugs or gonorrhea.

8. How does Baden prove the bullet went into John Connally sideways?
(a) He physically examined him in 1978.
(b) He reviewed the Xrays.
(c) He reviewed the medical notes of the attending physician.
(d) He viewed the video.

9. What does Baden note is the desire of the DAs office in terms of the ME?
(a) The DA wants the ME to answer to political pressure.
(b) The DA wants the ME to be completely truthful.
(c) The DA wants the ME to bend findings to meet his or her needs.
(d) The DA wants the ME to lie.

10. What does Baden note his profession was believed to be?
(a) A place for the elite in the field of medicine.
(b) A place for only the most intelligent.
(c) A dumping ground for those who couldn't finish medical school.
(d) A dumping ground for incompetents.

11. Why did Ann Hart sue the government?
(a) Claiming her husband went AWOL.
(b) Sexual harassment.
(c) Misidentifying her husband's remains.
(d) Misidentifying her remains.

12. What were resurrectionists during the time of the French Revolution?
(a) Medical students.
(b) Grave robbers.
(c) Medical examiners.
(d) Morticians.

13. What do the police claim Frank Falco used to pretend he had a gun?
(a) A Pepsi bottle.
(b) A Coke bottle.
(c) A wooden gun.
(d) His finger.

14. What did Humes do with his original notes from the autopsy?
(a) He published them.
(b) He burned them.
(c) He lost them.
(d) He edited them.

15. What does the group find has happened to Kennedy's brain?
(a) It has been donated to science.
(b) It has disappeared from the archives.
(c) It has been eaten by rodents.
(d) It has rotted away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Baden believe is the end goal of the DA?

2. What trait does Baden note forensic pathologists have to have?

3. What does Baden believe the group proved, beyond a doubt?

4. What is Baden's rebuttal to Ferrer's accusation that he had hired four people without authorization?

5. Where did Baden moonlight during his residency?

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