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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were resurrectionists during the time of the French Revolution?
(a) Medical students.
(b) Grave robbers.
(c) Morticians.
(d) Medical examiners.

2. What military rule hindered the MIA team until 1985?
(a) Military planes did not keep record of the passengers.
(b) Xrays were not kept.
(c) Dental records were not kept.
(d) Dental records were carried on board with their owners.

3. What does Baden believe is the end goal of the DA?
(a) To find justice for the family.
(b) To err on the side of caution for the police.
(c) To pursue the truth at all consequences.
(d) To get a conviction, regardless of truth.

4. In Chapter Two, what actually caused the death of the man being autopsied in fear of small pox?
(a) Chicken pox.
(b) Cancer.
(c) Measles.
(d) Mumps.

5. What did Humes do with his original notes from the autopsy?
(a) He burned them.
(b) He lost them.
(c) He published them.
(d) He edited them.

6. What group was set up in 1977 to help explain the Kennedy assassination?
(a) The Select Committee on Assassinations.
(b) The Federal Investigative Bureau.
(c) The Board of Presidential Death.
(d) The CIA.

7. What do some list as a reason to believe Marilyn Monroe was murdered?
(a) She told someone she was being followed.
(b) There was blood at the scene.
(c) There were no barbiturates in her stomach.
(d) She didn't leave a note.

8. How do the police catch Thomas Trantino?
(a) He surrenders.
(b) He is captured at home.
(c) He is captured at work.
(d) He is killed.

9. How did Furue claim he matched the bones to the missing person list?
(a) By examining the bones to determine height, weight, and age.
(b) By examining the bones to determine ethnicity.
(c) By locating implants.
(d) By finding scarring to match old Xrays.

10. What did William Hare and William Burke do to obtain bodies to sell?
(a) Steal bodies from hospitals.
(b) Find bodies during war.
(c) Murder people.
(d) Steal bodies from mortuaries.

11. What drug does Baden note is invisible on the autopsy table?
(a) Strychnine.
(b) Tranquilizers.
(c) Cyanide.
(d) Arsenic.

12. Which autopsies are done incompetently much of the time?
(a) Car accident autopsies.
(b) Unnatural death autopsies.
(c) Natural death autopsies.
(d) Suicide autopsies.

13. What did Dan Reidy ask Wilbur Howard to do before he died?
(a) Confess to police.
(b) Put a confession in a lock box.
(c) Bury his wife.
(d) Ask for forgiveness.

14. Who created Four Stages of Cruelty?
(a) Janet Robinson.
(b) William Hogarth.
(c) George Harlington.
(d) Samuell Yeoungman.

15. Why does Baden challenge the autopsy finding of the Lindberg baby?
(a) A fractured skull is not a true cause of death.
(b) The knife wounds did not match the murder weapon.
(c) The gunshot wound was too large to be from a .22.
(d) There was blood flowing the wrong direction on the body.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Baden note about the FBI photographer at the scene of the autopsy?

2. What is a coup injury?

3. What fact does Baden point to that makes him believe Miriam Weinfeld was not raped?

4. What does Baden learn after noting $40 on the body of a dead man in an apartment?

5. Where did Humes place the gunshot wound to the head erroneously?

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