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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Baden moonlight during his residency?
(a) In the medical examiner's office.
(b) In the police department.
(c) In the dentist's office.
(d) In the hospital.

2. What does Baden point out is a misconception about drugs and alcohol?
(a) It is the combination that kills.
(b) It is the type of drug that kills.
(c) It is the amount that kills.
(d) It is the blending of drugs that kills.

3. What does the group find has happened to Kennedy's brain?
(a) It has been eaten by rodents.
(b) It has rotted away.
(c) It has disappeared from the archives.
(d) It has been donated to science.

4. Who created Four Stages of Cruelty?
(a) William Hogarth.
(b) Janet Robinson.
(c) Samuell Yeoungman.
(d) George Harlington.

5. What does Baden note his profession was believed to be?
(a) A place for only the most intelligent.
(b) A dumping ground for those who couldn't finish medical school.
(c) A dumping ground for incompetents.
(d) A place for the elite in the field of medicine.

6. What does Baden realize about Humes and Finck, the men who performed the original autopsy?
(a) Neither were in the military, and thus, did not have clearance.
(b) Both were hired by the family.
(c) Both were trying to cover up the truth.
(d) Neither had previously done an autopsy this complex.

7. What are characteristics of an alcoholic's liver?
(a) It is white with red spots.
(b) It looks like a thick calf's liver.
(c) It is much smaller than normal.
(d) It is yellow with a fatty consistency.

8. What did Baden recommend to the MIA team?
(a) They should get a microscope.
(b) They should get an ME.
(c) They should get an anthropologist.
(d) They should get an Xray machine.

9. Who were Baden's Nobel prize winning mentors?
(a) Dickinson Richards and Andre Cournand.
(b) Andre Richards and Dickinson Cournand.
(c) Dickinson Richards and Nick Cave.
(d) Andre Cournand and Nick Cave.

10. What group was set up in 1977 to help explain the Kennedy assassination?
(a) The Select Committee on Assassinations.
(b) The Board of Presidential Death.
(c) The Federal Investigative Bureau.
(d) The CIA.

11. What does Baden note is the desire of the DAs office in terms of the ME?
(a) The DA wants the ME to be completely truthful.
(b) The DA wants the ME to lie.
(c) The DA wants the ME to answer to political pressure.
(d) The DA wants the ME to bend findings to meet his or her needs.

12. Why did Baden not do an autopsy on Nelson Rockefeller?
(a) He didn't want to get involved.
(b) He was given a death certificate by his own physician.
(c) He didn't want to report a suicide.
(d) He didn't want to cause controversy.

13. What is algor mortis?
(a) A method to determine time of death that uses body stiffness.
(b) A method to determine time of death that uses body color.
(c) A method to determine time of death that uses body temperature.
(d) A method to determine time of death that uses body decomposition.

14. The baby Baden is called to investigate immediately following the death of the lady at the benefit died from what?
(a) Abuse.
(b) Small pox.
(c) Pneumonia.
(d) Neglect.

15. Why did Ann Hart sue the government?
(a) Claiming her husband went AWOL.
(b) Misidentifying her remains.
(c) Sexual harassment.
(d) Misidentifying her husband's remains.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Baden prove the bullet went into John Connally sideways?

2. What drug does Baden note is invisible on the autopsy table?

3. What were resurrectionists during the time of the French Revolution?

4. What do the police claim Frank Falco used to pretend he had a gun?

5. Why does Baden believe Levine was convicted at all costs?

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