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Michael Baden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During Chapter Two, what do the doctors at the table of the woman who died believe was her cause of deathf?
(a) Drug abuse.
(b) A heart attack.
(c) Choking.
(d) Cancer.

2. What does the group find has happened to Kennedy's brain?
(a) It has been donated to science.
(b) It has rotted away.
(c) It has disappeared from the archives.
(d) It has been eaten by rodents.

3. What case does Baden believe was a triumph for forensic medicine in 1910?
(a) The Triffin murder case.
(b) The William Hogarth case.
(c) The Jack the Ripper case.
(d) The Crippen murder case.

4. What drug does Baden note is invisible on the autopsy table?
(a) Tranquilizers.
(b) Arsenic.
(c) Strychnine.
(d) Cyanide.

5. Baden's patient at the end of Chapter Two suffers from what?
(a) An infection of the blood.
(b) An infection of the brain.
(c) An infection of the toe.
(d) An infection of the heart valve.

6. What were resurrectionists during the time of the French Revolution?
(a) Grave robbers.
(b) Medical examiners.
(c) Medical students.
(d) Morticians.

7. How do the police catch Thomas Trantino?
(a) He is captured at home.
(b) He surrenders.
(c) He is killed.
(d) He is captured at work.

8. How long did it take Baden's wrongful dismissal suit to go to trial?
(a) Two years.
(b) One year.
(c) Three years.
(d) Five years.

9. What does Baden note about the FBI photographer at the scene of the autopsy?
(a) His camera was insufficient for the job.
(b) He had never done autopsy photos.
(c) He did not have clearance.
(d) He was overqualified.

10. What do some list as a reason to believe Marilyn Monroe was murdered?
(a) There was blood at the scene.
(b) She didn't leave a note.
(c) There were no barbiturates in her stomach.
(d) She told someone she was being followed.

11. What case caused Oklahoma to establish a medical examiner position?
(a) The Charles Norris case.
(b) The George Cole case.
(c) The Tammany Hall case.
(d) The Crippen case.

12. What does Baden find caused the death of the woman at the fund raising dinner?
(a) Choking.
(b) Drug abuse.
(c) Cancer.
(d) Heart attack.

13. How did Furue claim he matched the bones to the missing person list?
(a) By finding scarring to match old Xrays.
(b) By locating implants.
(c) By examining the bones to determine height, weight, and age.
(d) By examining the bones to determine ethnicity.

14. What does a cause of death of 'psychosis with exhaustion' really mean, according to Baden?
(a) That the victim was killed by his own actions.
(b) That the victim was murdered by police for no reason.
(c) That the victim was killed while being subdued after acting out.
(d) That the victim died from exhaustion.

15. Who were Baden's Nobel prize winning mentors?
(a) Dickinson Richards and Nick Cave.
(b) Dickinson Richards and Andre Cournand.
(c) Andre Richards and Dickinson Cournand.
(d) Andre Cournand and Nick Cave.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are the majority of bodies identified?

2. What is the rule for jurisdiction when it comes to a dismembered body?

3. What did medical examiners have to decide between as a cause of death for Elvis?

4. What does the author note about the competency of natural death autopsies?

5. Who created Four Stages of Cruelty?

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