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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Reta alarmed by the sight of Norah's hands?
(a) They are broken.
(b) They are bruised.
(c) They are scarred.
(d) They are cut.

2. What do the Winters believe Norah will do with the package Christine and Natalie give her?
(a) Save the package but refuse to open it.
(b) Throw everything away instead of using it.
(c) Give some of the items to other homeless people.
(d) Give everything away to other homeless people.

3. When Reta leaves Arthur in the house by himself to go to the hospital, what does he do?
(a) Cleans the kitchen.
(b) Reads a book and has coffee.
(c) Sleeps on the couch.
(d) Watches television and drinks wine.

4. After Reta discovers Norah's wrists, what does Tom leave for Norah when he sees her in Toronto?
(a) A jar of moisturizer and leather gloves.
(b) A jar of cortisone cream and sheepskin gloves.
(c) A jar of cortisone cream and leather gloves.
(d) A jar of vaseline and sheepskin gloves.

5. What is the short story writer's name who Reta writes a letter to?
(a) Robert Spiller.
(b) Richard Smiley.
(c) Renee Simon.
(d) Russell Sandor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is elected Prime Minister again?

2. What great themes of literature does Reta tell Helt she learned while in high school?

3. According to Tom, what is the cause of the condition of Norah's hands?

4. What is Norah doing when Reta first sees her in the hospital?

5. What does Arthur consider the last chapter in Reta's novel to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. In her letter to Russell Sandor, Reta states that she fears nothing. Why does she feel this way and how does she prove it in her letter?

2. Why does Reta feel that Arthur's suggestion to focus on Roman instead of Alicia is an egregious one?

3. What is Reta's impression of Arthur Springer when she finally meets him at her home in January and how do they get into a heated discussion?

4. Why does Arthur Springer call one day after Christmas and what is Reta's response?

5. Why does an older friend of Reta's advise her to read obituaries as a young writer?

6. As Reta and Arthur have their heated discussion, what three things happen that interrupt them that provide comic relief to the serious conversation?

7. In her letter about the death of Peter Harding, how does Reta compare herself to Norah?

8. How do the meetings with her friends at the Orange Blossom Room ground Reta in reality?

9. What issue does Reta take with Emily Helt's book review in the Chicago Tribune?

10. When Tom calls to inform Reta that Norah is in the hospital, how does the point of view change in the novel?

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