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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Reta explain Norah's strange behavior to Christine and Natalie?
(a) Reta tells them Norah is living a life of sacrifice and good will.
(b) Reta tells them Norah is living a life in pursuit of goodness.
(c) Reta tells them Norah is living a life in pursuit of beauty.
(d) Reta tells them Norah is living a life devoted to God.

2. According to Reta, what does she find "monstrous" in the face of Norah's absence?
(a) Abnormalities.
(b) Idiosyncrasies.
(c) Normalcy.
(d) Oddities.

3. What sport have Christine and Natalie given up playing on Saturdays to spend the day with Norah?
(a) Raquetball.
(b) Tennis.
(c) Volleyball.
(d) Soccer.

4. Why does Reta also chide Valkner about his article "The History of Dictionaries"?
(a) For attempting to discuss all literature instead of narrowing his focus.
(b) For his patronizing tone in discussing some of the great female writers of the century.
(c) For failing to mention some of the century's great female writers.
(d) For including male writers that are blatantly sexist.

5. What does Reta discuss with the person she visits after her encounter with Norah in early November?
(a) Feminist intellectuals.
(b) Marriage and divorce.
(c) Literary matters.
(d) Children of war.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Colin's marriage to Marietta troubled?

2. What is the name of the previous owners of Reta and Tom's Ontario farmhouse?

3. What is the subject of the new book Tom is reading?

4. According to Reta, what are women still dismissed and excluded from?

5. What are the two main characters' names in the sequel to Reta's first novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Lois's conversation with Arthur when she comes over to investigate about dinner significant?

2. When Reta and Tom consult a psychiatrist about Norah, what does he tell them and how do they respond?

3. Describe Reta's feelings about the formation of her inner dialogue, the "longest conversation" that goes on in a lifetime in a person's mind.

4. At the hospital, what does Natalie reveal about the injuries to Norah's hands?

5. Why does Norah make the sarcastic observation in her letter to Alexander Valkner that he must have suffered from extreme fatigue when he thought of his list of "literary big cats"?

6. How does Emma, Reta's journalist friend, try to comfort her and how is it significant?

7. During Norah's visit from university the previous year, Reta states that she knew how "wildly out control" Norah was, how "she'd become dangerous to her own being." Describe why Reta comes to this conclusion.

8. How does Reta respond to the death of Mr. Scribano and how is it significant?

9. What rationale does Reta offer about the importance of novels despite moral injustice in the world?

10. Describe the response of the Winters' family to seeing the hostel where Norah stays and its significance.

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