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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose wedding is Reta worried about?
(a) Alicia and Roman's.
(b) Norah and Ben's.
(c) Marietta and Colin's.
(d) Reta and Tom's.

2. What is the name of the third novel in Reta's trilogy?
(a) Winter Thyme.
(b) Spring Thyme.
(c) Summer Thyme.
(d) Autumn Thyme.

3. What is the short story writer's name who Reta writes a letter to?
(a) Richard Smiley.
(b) Robert Spiller.
(c) Russell Sandor.
(d) Renee Simon.

4. In the cemetery, what is the inscription beneath Mary Leland's name on her headstone?
(a) She Took Good Care of Her Children.
(b) She Took Good Care of Her Cows.
(c) She Took Good Care of Her Chickens.
(d) She Took Good Care of Her Husband.

5. In her letter to Ford-Halpern, how does Reta think other daughters can be protected from Norah's fate?
(a) By allowing them to be fully human.
(b) By sacrificing happiness for honor.
(c) By giving speeches across the country.
(d) By imposing stricter vagrancy laws.

6. In her review of a female author, Helt states that all relationships are seen through the lens of what?
(a) Erotic love.
(b) Sexual harmony.
(c) Sensual yearning.
(d) Platonic longing.

7. According to the Chair in Theology, what faith is balanced on words "already" and "not yet?"
(a) The Jewish faith.
(b) The Protestant faith.
(c) The Christian faith.
(d) The Lutheran faith.

8. Who has been appointed to a university Chair in Theology?
(a) Emily Helt.
(b) Emma Allen.
(c) Danielle Westerman.
(d) Gemma Walsh.

9. Who tells Reta and Tom that "Vagrancy can be thoughtful or careless; she has chosen the latter"?
(a) A psychiatrist.
(b) Danielle Westerman.
(c) Norah's professor.
(d) Ben Abbot.

10. What does Natalie remind her family about how long Norah has been wearing her garden gloves?
(a) That Norah has been wearing them since the previous spring.
(b) That Norah has been wearing them since the previous summer.
(c) That Norah has been wearing them since the previous fall.
(d) That Norah has been wearing them since the previous winter.

11. What does Reta notice on Norah's wrists?
(a) Scratches and bruises.
(b) Scabs and red sores.
(c) Scabs and tattoos.
(d) Bandaids and gauze.

12. According to Lois, who makes fun of the list in her recipe box?
(a) Reta.
(b) Christine.
(c) Natalie.
(d) Tom.

13. According to the friend who advised Reta as a young writer, what do obituaries contain?
(a) The seeds of life.
(b) The putty of life.
(c) The dough of life.
(d) The soil of life.

14. In the story, who does Reta think the Czech professor must hate?
(a) The writer.
(b) Himself.
(c) Women.
(d) The reader.

15. What do the Winters believe Norah will do with the package Christine and Natalie give her?
(a) Throw everything away instead of using it.
(b) Save the package but refuse to open it.
(c) Give everything away to other homeless people.
(d) Give some of the items to other homeless people.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Christine and Natalie think something terrible must have happened to Norah?

2. What does Reta mention in her letter about the obituary that she wants from the universe?

3. What is Norah doing when Reta first sees her in the hospital?

4. What does Reta think most people would assume about the inscription on Mary Leland's headstone?

5. What does Tracy Halliday want a huge jar of marbles to represent for Norah?

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