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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reta remember about Tom's childhood as they walk in the cemetery?
(a) She remembers that his mother was a terrible housekeeper.
(b) She remembers that his family lost their fortune.
(c) She remembers that his father was in the army.
(d) She remembers that Tom ran away from home.

2. Why does Reta have difficulty carrying on a conversation with Arthur when he comes o her home for the first time?
(a) Because she is preoccupied.
(b) Because he never stops speaking.
(c) Because he asks too many questions.
(d) Because she doesn't understand him.

3. Why is Reta alarmed by the sight of Norah's hands?
(a) They are cut.
(b) They are scarred.
(c) They are bruised.
(d) They are broken.

4. Why does Arthur tell Reta the day after Christmas that it is urgent that she come to New York?
(a) Because he wants to meet before he leaves the country.
(b) Because he wants to have a conference before she finishes the first draft.
(c) Because he wants her to give a reading at a major bookstore.
(d) Because he wants her to sign a six figure book deal.

5. Who is Dennis Ford-Halpern?
(a) Norah's psychiatrist.
(b) The author of "The Goodness Gap."
(c) A television host.
(d) Reta's writing teacher.

6. According to Lois, who makes fun of the list in her recipe box?
(a) Christine.
(b) Natalie.
(c) Reta.
(d) Tom.

7. Why does Arthur state that he thinks of the final chapter as the "kiln?"
(a) Because the heat of the fire is akin to the power of the ending.
(b) Because the clay is as malleable as a reader's interpretation.
(c) Because the clay is malleable and the ending will harden into something beautiful.
(d) Because the labor of creation is the same in writing as in art.

8. What is the woman who sets herself on fire outside of Honest Ed's wearing?
(a) Jeans and t-shirt.
(b) A veil and gown.
(c) A dress.
(d) A habit.

9. Arthur tells Reta the day after Christmas that he is filled with admiration for what?
(a) Norah's resolve.
(b) Roman's faith.
(c) Alicia's goodness.
(d) Reta's talent.

10. What does Lois tell Arthur she attended many years ago?
(a) A baseball game.
(b) A play.
(c) An opera.
(d) A concert.

11. What is the name of the place Reta meets her friends on Tuesdays?
(a) Red Blossom Room.
(b) Orange Blossom Room.
(c) Green Blossom Room.
(d) Yellow Blossom Room.

12. In the cemetery, what is the inscription beneath Mary Leland's name on her headstone?
(a) She Took Good Care of Her Husband.
(b) She Took Good Care of Her Children.
(c) She Took Good Care of Her Chickens.
(d) She Took Good Care of Her Cows.

13. Why do Christine and Natalie think something terrible must have happened to Norah?
(a) Because Norah has made such a drastic change in her life.
(b) Because Norah told them something terrible happened.
(c) Because they heard something terrible may have happened to Norah.
(d) Because they witnessed something terrible happening to Norah.

14. When Reta leaves Arthur in the house by himself to go to the hospital, what does he do?
(a) Cleans the kitchen.
(b) Reads a book and has coffee.
(c) Sleeps on the couch.
(d) Watches television and drinks wine.

15. How does Reta sign her letter about the obituary in the Globe and Mail?
(a) I will not forgive you. Rita Hayworth Orange Blossom City.
(b) I forgive you too. Rita Hayworth Orange Blossom City.
(c) I grieve for you too. Rita Hayworth Orange Blossom City.
(d) I no longer mourn for you. Rita Hayworth Orange Blossom City.

Short Answer Questions

1. What newspaper does Emily Helt write for?

2. What is Norah doing when Reta first sees her in the hospital?

3. What does Reta think most people would assume about the inscription on Mary Leland's headstone?

4. What has been able to distract Reta from grieving for Norah?

5. What does Tom tell Reta on the phone that Norah has which has caused her to be hospitalized?

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