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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Reta, what is "full of rough corners that seem to me just about to come into their full beauty"?
(a) Reta's writing.
(b) Reta's home.
(c) Reta's daughters.
(d) Reta's husband.

2. Why does Norah enroll at the University of Toronto?
(a) To get away from her boyfriend.
(b) To live with her boyfriend.
(c) To get away from her family.
(d) To be closer to her family.

3. How are Reta and Danielle different?
(a) Reta is Canadian; Danielle is American.
(b) Reta is married with children; Danielle is single and childless.
(c) Reta is a novelist; Danielle is a biographer.
(d) Reta is young and successful; Danielle is old and poor.

4. Who is playing the piano when Reta and Tom have finished their work after their package is delivered?
(a) Norah.
(b) Lois.
(c) Natalie.
(d) Christine.

5. What is the name of the hostel Reta writes a check to each month?
(a) Promise Hostel.
(b) Pillars Hostel.
(c) Peace Hostel.
(d) Passage Hostel.

6. According to Reta, what is there a sense of that runs throughout her main characters' story?
(a) Excitement.
(b) Prudishness.
(c) Danger.
(d) Intimacy.

7. Why does Reta cry as she writes the check for the hostel each month?
(a) Reta cries out of heartfelt appreciation.
(b) Reta cries out of pity.
(c) Reta cries out of heartbreak.
(d) Reta cries out of grief.

8. Why does Reta attend a series of interviews in September?
(a) Reta attends them on behalf of her mentor.
(b) Reta attends them because she enjoys being interviewed.
(c) Reta attends them in order to get a raise at work.
(d) Reta attends them because it is part of her research.

9. What troubles Norah when she comes home one weekend her second year at university?
(a) Norah is upset that she cannot spend more time with her sisters.
(b) Norah is afraid that she will disappoint her parents by failing school.
(c) Norah is anxious about her decision to live with her boyfriend.
(d) Norah is disturbed by the sense that she cannot love anyone enough.

10. What subjects are Christine and Natalie studying for their exams?
(a) French, History, Math, Language Arts.
(b) History, French, Science, Social Studies.
(c) Math, Language Arts, Science, English.
(d) Spanish, English, Science, History.

11. What does Reta discover behind the furnace that belonged to the previous owners?
(a) A love letter.
(b) An invitation to a baby shower.
(c) A child's report card.
(d) A confession of infidelity.

12. How does Tessa discover the mystery of Norah's disappearance six months prior?
(a) Tessa finds Norah panhandling outside the subway in Toronto.
(b) Tessa runs into Norah outside the Toronto library.
(c) Tessa's mother sees Norah walking down Bloor and Bathurst in Toronto.
(d) Tessa discovers Norah's diary in the Orangetown Library.

13. What two actual events do Reta's writer friends also discuss at the Orange Blossom Room?
(a) The woman in Mozambique who gave birth in a tree; the self-immolation of a Muslim woman in Nathan Philips Square.
(b) The self-immolation of a Muslim man in China; the poaching of ivory in North Africa.
(c) The military coup in Mozambique; the cost of child care in Toronto.
(d) The recent Canadian election; the war in Afghanistan.

14. How does Reta describe her sexual relationship with Tom?
(a) As exciting and unpredictable.
(b) As familiar and a safe routine.
(c) As dull and infrequent.
(d) As uncomfortable and unpleasant.

15. Why does Reta write a letter of complaint to an editor of a literary magazine about a series of books called "Great Minds of the Western Intellectual World"?
(a) Because none of the books feature women writers.
(b) Because the books only focus on Western intellectuals.
(c) Because most of the books feature 19th century women.
(d) Because her books are left out of the list.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of world is Reta interested in creating for her characters?

2. What does Reta question about her feelings for Tom?

3. What does Reta reveal about the first time she met Tom?

4. Whose personality is Reta worried about developing in her novel?

5. What does Norah ask Reta about their family when she is nine years-old?

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