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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Reta attend a series of interviews in September?
(a) Reta attends them on behalf of her mentor.
(b) Reta attends them because she enjoys being interviewed.
(c) Reta attends them in order to get a raise at work.
(d) Reta attends them because it is part of her research.

2. What does Reta question about her feelings for Tom?
(a) Whether she dislikes him.
(b) Whether she trusts him.
(c) Whether she respects him.
(d) Whether she loves him.

3. Why does Natalie thank Reta on Christine's birthday in October?
(a) For taking them to dinner.
(b) For being a great mom.
(c) For throwing a party for Christine.
(d) For not naming her Ophelia.

4. What problem does Reta initially attribute Norah's disappearance to when she first goes missing?
(a) Norah's relationship with Reta.
(b) Norah's relationship with her boyfriend.
(c) Norah's relationship with her father.
(d) Norah's relationship with her sisters.

5. Who suddenly dies at Scribano & Lawrence?
(a) Mr. Lawrence.
(b) Mr. Scribano.
(c) Mrs. Scribano.
(d) Mrs. Lawrence.

6. What task do Reta and Tom engage in after the package is delivered to the Winters' home?
(a) Reading.
(b) Gardening.
(c) Carpentry.
(d) Cleaning.

7. According to Reta, what does she find "monstrous" in the face of Norah's absence?
(a) Oddities.
(b) Idiosyncrasies.
(c) Abnormalities.
(d) Normalcy.

8. Why does Reta write a letter of complaint to an editor of a literary magazine about a series of books called "Great Minds of the Western Intellectual World"?
(a) Because her books are left out of the list.
(b) Because the books only focus on Western intellectuals.
(c) Because none of the books feature women writers.
(d) Because most of the books feature 19th century women.

9. What is the idea Reta shrinks from when it comes to writing her book?
(a) Reta shrinks from the idea of not being truthful.
(b) Reta shrinks from the idea of being too explicit.
(c) Reta shrinks from the idea of being prudish.
(d) Reta shrinks from the idea of writing nonfiction.

10. What is the signal Reta gives to Lois for her to come over for her nightly meal with the family?
(a) Reta shuts the red kitchen curtains.
(b) Reta opens the red kitchen curtains.
(c) Reta shuts the patio door.
(d) Reta opens the patio door.

11. What draft does Arthur ask Reta to send him?
(a) The first draft of her next novel.
(b) The final draft of her next novel.
(c) The final draft of her new novel.
(d) The first draft of her new novel.

12. In what point of view is Reta considering writing her novel?
(a) First-person point of view.
(b) Third-person limited point of view.
(c) Third-person omniscient point of view.
(d) Second-person point of view.

13. According to Ben, Norah had become uncharacteristically __________ and __________ in the few weeks prior to her disappearance.
(a) Irritable; short-tempered.
(b) Calm; peaceful.
(c) Manic; jumpy.
(d) Depressed; lethargic.

14. What prize did Reta's novel, "My Thyme is Up," win the previous year?
(a) The Man Booker Prize.
(b) The Nobel Prize.
(c) The Pulitzer Prize.
(d) The Offenden Prize.

15. What praise does Reta give Alexander Valkner about his article "The History of Dictionaries"?
(a) Reta praises his research method.
(b) Reta praises his intellectual rigor.
(c) Reta praises his personal narrative style.
(d) Reta praises his broad approach.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Reta go see after her encounter with Norah in early November?

2. Why does Reta become angry at the male author being interviewed on the literary television show?

3. What does Reta discuss with the person she visits after her encounter with Norah in early November?

4. Who does Reta mention by name in her letter of complaint about "Great Minds of the Western Intellectual World"?

5. What is undrinkable according to Colin?

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