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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the previous owners of Reta and Tom's Ontario farmhouse?
(a) McGafferty.
(b) McGregor.
(c) McGinn.
(d) McGuffin.

2. What is the signal Reta gives to Lois for her to come over for her nightly meal with the family?
(a) Reta shuts the red kitchen curtains.
(b) Reta shuts the patio door.
(c) Reta opens the patio door.
(d) Reta opens the red kitchen curtains.

3. What kind of woman does Reta realize she cannot create for a heroine in her novel?
(a) A perfect woman.
(b) An imperfect woman.
(c) An evil woman.
(d) A trustworthy woman.

4. How does Reta explain Norah's strange behavior to Christine and Natalie?
(a) Reta tells them Norah is living a life devoted to God.
(b) Reta tells them Norah is living a life of sacrifice and good will.
(c) Reta tells them Norah is living a life in pursuit of goodness.
(d) Reta tells them Norah is living a life in pursuit of beauty.

5. According to Reta, what is there a sense of that runs throughout her main characters' story?
(a) Prudishness.
(b) Intimacy.
(c) Danger.
(d) Excitement.

6. Why is Colin's marriage to Marietta troubled?
(a) Because Colin is unfaithful.
(b) Because Colin has suddenly left Marietta.
(c) Because Marietta is unfaithful.
(d) Because Marietta has suddenly left Colin.

7. What is the name of the university Norah is accepted to in 1998?
(a) St. Mary's University.
(b) University of Victoria.
(c) McGill University.
(d) King's College.

8. What does Reta bring Norah on the way to her appointment to have her eyebrows tinted?
(a) Books and a picture of Christine and Natalie.
(b) Shoes and books.
(c) Food and a warm coat.
(d) Food and a picture of Pet.

9. Why does Arthur ask Reta to send him a draft?
(a) So that he can correct her grammar.
(b) So that he can make sure she is doing a good job.
(c) So that he can help her in the writing of it.
(d) So that he can share it with his colleagues.

10. Why does Reta attend a series of interviews in September?
(a) Reta attends them because it is part of her research.
(b) Reta attends them on behalf of her mentor.
(c) Reta attends them in order to get a raise at work.
(d) Reta attends them because she enjoys being interviewed.

11. What American event are Tom and the girls presently fixated on as they watch the news?
(a) The Kentucky Derby.
(b) The Indy 500.
(c) The State of the Union address.
(d) The presidential election.

12. What does Reta discover behind the furnace that belonged to the previous owners?
(a) A confession of infidelity.
(b) An invitation to a baby shower.
(c) A love letter.
(d) A child's report card.

13. What do the Winters do when they discover where Norah sleeps at night?
(a) They try to rescue Norah.
(b) They drive aimlessly throughout the city.
(c) They tour the hostel.
(d) They go to church to pray.

14. Why does Reta decide not to attend the funeral for the person at Scribano & Lawrence?
(a) Because Reta does not know the person who died very well.
(b) Because Reta cannot handle more grief.
(c) Because Reta thinks the person who died was not good.
(d) Because Reta is going to see Norah instead.

15. What rationale does Reta offer about Norah's strange behavior in her letter to Valkner?
(a) It is Norah's way of getting back at Reta for not being there for her.
(b) It is Norah's deliberate effort to extiguish herself and be a nothing.
(c) It is Norah's excuse not to finish school and get her degree.
(d) It is Norah's attempt to be special and above everyone else.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Reta meet for lunch after a radio interview in Baltimore?

2. What is the name of Reta's friend, a medical journalist who lives in Newfoundland?

3. Where is the apartment Norah shares with her boyfriend located in the building in Toronto?

4. What has Reta attempted to talk about with her daughters regarding sex?

5. What does Reta want to demonstrate when she and Tom visit Ben after Norah's sudden disappearance?

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