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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Reta protest sending Arthur a draft?
(a) Because she wants to work with another editor.
(b) Because she lost it on the computer.
(c) Because she thinks it is terrible.
(d) Because it is only in her mind.

2. What subjects are Christine and Natalie studying for their exams?
(a) Spanish, English, Science, History.
(b) Math, Language Arts, Science, English.
(c) French, History, Math, Language Arts.
(d) History, French, Science, Social Studies.

3. What do Tom and the girls see as a contradiction about the American event they are fixated on?
(a) They see the Kentucky Derby as a contradiction to government regulation of gambling.
(b) They see the presidential speech as a contradiction to the realities of the Iraq war.
(c) They see the election results in Florida as a contradiction to the checks and balances system in the constitution.
(d) They see the Indy 500 as a contradiction to public concern for safety.

4. What two actual events do Reta's writer friends also discuss at the Orange Blossom Room?
(a) The military coup in Mozambique; the cost of child care in Toronto.
(b) The self-immolation of a Muslim man in China; the poaching of ivory in North Africa.
(c) The woman in Mozambique who gave birth in a tree; the self-immolation of a Muslim woman in Nathan Philips Square.
(d) The recent Canadian election; the war in Afghanistan.

5. During dinner, after Reta and Tom have finished their work, where do Reta's thoughts turn to besides Norah?
(a) The wedding of her friend, Danielle.
(b) The upcoming holidays.
(c) The two main characters in her novel.
(d) The bad news on television.

Short Answer Questions

1. What American event are Tom and the girls presently fixated on as they watch the news?

2. What prize did Reta's novel, "My Thyme is Up," win the previous year?

3. What is Reta's struggle about what a writer of fiction should give the reader?

4. What present does Reta get for Norah's seventeenth birthday while on a book tour in D.C.?

5. How does Reta explain Norah's strange behavior to Christine and Natalie?

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