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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Reta go see after her encounter with Norah in early November?
(a) Emma Allen.
(b) Mr. Scribano.
(c) Danielle Westerman.
(d) Alexander Valkner.

2. According to Reta, what are women still dismissed and excluded from?
(a) Economic advancement.
(b) Primary entitlements.
(c) Accolades and compensation.
(d) Freedom of expression.

3. What sport have Christine and Natalie given up playing on Saturdays to spend the day with Norah?
(a) Soccer.
(b) Tennis.
(c) Raquetball.
(d) Volleyball.

4. Why does Norah enroll at the University of Toronto?
(a) To live with her boyfriend.
(b) To be closer to her family.
(c) To get away from her boyfriend.
(d) To get away from her family.

5. According to Reta's writer friends at the Orange Blossom Room, why are women excluded from real life?
(a) Because men view women as more capable and superior.
(b) Because men view women as lacking moral authority and capability.
(c) Because men view women as superior to everyday concerns.
(d) Because men view women as incapable of rational thought.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old does Christine, Reta's daughter, turn in October?

2. Who is Reta's mentor?

3. What two actual events do Reta's writer friends also discuss at the Orange Blossom Room?

4. How does Reta explain Norah's strange behavior to Christine and Natalie?

5. What days does Reta drive to Toronto to see Norah?

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