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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tessa discover the mystery of Norah's disappearance six months prior?
(a) Tessa runs into Norah outside the Toronto library.
(b) Tessa finds Norah panhandling outside the subway in Toronto.
(c) Tessa discovers Norah's diary in the Orangetown Library.
(d) Tessa's mother sees Norah walking down Bloor and Bathurst in Toronto.

2. Who is Reta's mentor?
(a) Danielle Westerman.
(b) Madame Sylvia.
(c) Tom Winters
(d) Colin Glass.

3. Why does Reta also chide Valkner about his article "The History of Dictionaries"?
(a) For his patronizing tone in discussing some of the great female writers of the century.
(b) For failing to mention some of the century's great female writers.
(c) For including male writers that are blatantly sexist.
(d) For attempting to discuss all literature instead of narrowing his focus.

4. What is the first subject Reta and her writer friends discuss at the Orange Blossom Room?
(a) The nature of goodness.
(b) The loss of truth.
(c) The way to forgiveness.
(d) The path to enlightenment.

5. What prize did Reta's novel, "My Thyme is Up," win the previous year?
(a) The Man Booker Prize.
(b) The Nobel Prize.
(c) The Offenden Prize.
(d) The Pulitzer Prize.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Reta and Danielle different?

2. What does Reta do in lieu of attending the funeral for the person at Scribano & Lawrence?

3. Why does Reta decide not to attend the funeral for the person at Scribano & Lawrence?

4. According to Reta, what are women still dismissed and excluded from?

5. What troubles Norah when she comes home one weekend her second year at university?

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