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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose personality is Reta worried about developing in her novel?
(a) Alicia's.
(b) Danielle's.
(c) Norah's.
(d) Roman's.

2. What kind of woman does Reta realize she cannot create for a heroine in her novel?
(a) An imperfect woman.
(b) An evil woman.
(c) A trustworthy woman.
(d) A perfect woman.

3. According to Reta, what is NOT a romance with impossibly beautiful people?
(a) Her life.
(b) Her job.
(c) Her novel.
(d) Her marriage.

4. How does Reta sign her letter to Ford-Halpern?
(a) Yours, Rita Orange d'Ville.
(b) Yours, Rita Orange.
(c) Yours, Reta Winters.
(d) Yours, Reta Orangetown.

5. What is the idea Reta shrinks from when it comes to writing her book?
(a) Reta shrinks from the idea of being too explicit.
(b) Reta shrinks from the idea of being prudish.
(c) Reta shrinks from the idea of not being truthful.
(d) Reta shrinks from the idea of writing nonfiction.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Reta describe her sexual relationship with Tom?

2. What rationale does Reta offer about Norah's strange behavior in her letter to Valkner?

3. How are Reta and Danielle different?

4. In what month does Reta write her letter to Ford-Halpern?

5. In Reta's letter to Ford-Halpern, what failure is "a moral dilemma in itself"?

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