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• The narrator, Reta Winters, reveals that she is experiencing a time of profound loss and grief. This is offset by counting her blessings, an exercise she finds repellent.

• Reta states that her husband Tom is a faithful, decent looking family doctor. She mentions two of her three daughters, sixteen year-old Christine and fifteen year-old Natalie. They are loving, intelligent, and attractive young women.

• Reta also states that the most important aspect of her life is her successful writing career and her translation work for her mentor and friend, Danielle Westerman, an eighty-five year-old French professor at University of Toronto.

• Reta begins to talk about her daughter Norah, who she describes as a docile child who grew into an obedient girl. Her goodness leads her to become a beggar on the streets of Toronto. She wears a cardboard sign around her neck that says GOODNESS.

• As an...

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