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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who pulls up to Maggie's house as she and Wren are making love?
(a) Bill Laurens.
(b) Vane.
(c) Maggie's father.
(d) Savitor.

2. How does Maggie think she will protect her and Wren from other were creatures?
(a) She doesn't feel up to protecting Wren and herself.
(b) By calling the cops.
(c) By challenging them to one-on-one combat.
(d) With her rifle.

3. Why does Aristotle bring Karina home?
(a) He wants her to be more of a mother to her son, Wren.
(b) He wants another child and hopes she'll agree to have one.
(c) He plans to murder her.
(d) He is making her the CEO of his company.

4. What is Karina's basic plan?
(a) To hire a Mafia hit man to do the job.
(b) To sabotage Aristotle's sports car's brakes, which he tends to drive very fast.
(c) To act like she wants to see Wren one last time and, when Aristotle lets her in to see him, she will kill both of them.
(d) To cause a gas link and then set off a spark from a remote-controlled unit.

5. Why does Wren want to bring Maggie along to the past?
(a) So she can see for sure that he is not guilty.
(b) Because she once expressed the desire to time travel.
(c) Because he is afraid she will get involved with Zack if left there.
(d) So he can concentrate and not worry about her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the two people come to Maggie's house?

2. What does Maggie do when they taser Wren?

3. Who flashes into the room where Maggie is sleeping and Wren is watching her?

4. Where do Wren and Maggie go after leaving Maggie's cottage?

5. What does Wren think of Vane's plan?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Wren's father do to Maggie?

2. How does Maggie react to her new powers in the beginning?

3. Who shows up at Maggie's house when she is there with Wren and what does he tell her?

4. What does Wren find out about his past at Savitar's council?

5. What two things does Wren tell Maggie she can't ingest and how does she feel about that?

6. What does Maggie tell Wren about a plan Vane has?

7. What does Wren tell Maggie about the full moon?

8. What does Wren do after he is declared innocent and what does Maggie think about it?

9. What happens when Nicolette confronts Zack in Wren's room?

10. Why is Wren being hunted and how does he feel about it?

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