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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is overwhelming to Wren?
(a) The love and protection Maggie bestows upon him.
(b) How much work there still is to prove Wren's innocence.
(c) The fact that his cousin lies about Wren's parents' deaths.
(d) The lack of caring by the were bears.

2. When Aristotle discovers Wren and Maggie in the closet, what does Aristotle ask?
(a) "Wren? How the... hell did you get here?"
(b) "Wren? Just in time for breakfast."
(c) "Wren? My astrologer predicted your appearance."
(d) "Wren? Is it you......from the future?"

3. When Aimee and Nicolette hear a noise in Wren's room and investigate, what do they find?
(a) Zack rummaging through Wren's stuff.
(b) A were cat that had gone feral.
(c) Dev eating a jar of Wren's honey.
(d) Maggie struggling with Zack.

4. How does Maggie react when Wren explains about the full moon's effect on were creatures?
(a) She gets angry that she was made were without first being consulted.
(b) She feels confident she can handle it.
(c) She asks to be changed back to fully human.
(d) She becomes frightened.

5. Whose powers are passed to Maggie?
(a) Wren's paternal grandmother's.
(b) Aristotle's.
(c) Karina's.
(d) No one's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is with the person in #170?

2. How does Maggie think she will protect her and Wren from other were creatures?

3. When Maggie and Wren go see Bill Laurens, what does he tell them?

4. Who flashes into the room where Maggie is sleeping and Wren is watching her?

5. How long is Wren unconscious?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Maggie feel about the full moon effect and what does she do?

2. Who shows up at Maggie's house when she is there with Wren and what does he tell her?

3. When Wren and Maggie go back to 1980, they hear his parents arguing. What were they fighting about and how did it turn out?

4. What does Maggie see in the past of Wren as a child?

5. What happens when Wren and Maggie go to Savitar's island to see him?

6. What two things does Wren tell Maggie she can't ingest and how does she feel about that?

7. What happens when Nicolette confronts Zack in Wren's room?

8. Why is Wren being hunted and how does he feel about it?

9. What do Wren and Maggie tell Aristotle about the future? How does he feel about it?

10. What does Wren do after he is declared innocent and what does Maggie think about it?

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