Unleash the Night Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Maggie and Wren decide?
(a) Not to call it quits to their relationship.
(b) To have a romantic weekend in Vegas.
(c) To confront Maggie's father about his disapproval of Wren.
(d) To have dinner that night out of town.

2. What is Whitethunder?
(a) A vampire.
(b) An English professor.
(c) A Were Leopard.
(d) A Were Hawk.

3. Where does Wren go to show Maggie his handiwork?
(a) The college campus.
(b) The Sanctuary.
(c) He is not seeing Maggie anymore.
(d) Her house.

4. How does Karina react to news that Wren is to inherit all of Aristotle's estate?
(a) She screams and throws things, breaking them.
(b) He is happy her son is going to be provided for.
(c) She asks Aristotle to give her a trust fund from his estate.
(d) She sobs and asks why Aristotle does not love her.

5. What does Blaine order for the entire group?
(a) Hamburgers and fries.
(b) Westvleteren 8.
(c) Chips and salsa.
(d) Heineken on tap.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which were-animals are meeting?

2. What happened to Vane?

3. What does Maggie find as she straightens her cottage?

4. Who is Wren's cousin?

5. What course of studies is Maggie pursuing?

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