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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Wren's response to seeing Maggie with someone else at Sanctuary?
(a) Rage.
(b) Curiosity.
(c) Indifference.
(d) Jealousy.

2. Who is Maggie's dear friend?
(a) Jackson Bluff.
(b) Nick Gautier.
(c) Savitar.
(d) Wren Tigarian.

3. Who does Maggie see first at Sanctuary?
(a) Dev.
(b) Nicolette.
(c) Aimee.
(d) Wren.

4. What is said about Wren?
(a) That he was a hero for saving the child in the tiger's den.
(b) That he is not a true were animal.
(c) That he has become a Slayer and is a danger to all of the Were Animals at Nicolette's Sanctuary.
(d) That he has more money than he needs.

5. Who is the first to show up late and what does he bring?
(a) Nick with a bottle of 100-year-old wine.
(b) Mr. Garvy with the title to their new home.
(c) Maggie's father with a gift of Maggie's grandmother's jewelry.
(d) Nicolette with a box of flowers and an apology.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Wren isolated?

2. Who decides to rid the sanctuary of Wren once and for all?

3. Why does Wren say he cannot be with Maggie?

4. How does Maggie react when Wren explains about the full moon's effect on were creatures?

5. How long has it been since Maggie has seen Wren at the opening to Chapter 7?

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