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Sherrilyn Kenyon
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To where does Wren flash?
(a) His apartment.
(b) The cemetary.
(c) Peltier House.
(d) The top of Mount Fuji.

2. How does Maggie end up on the ground?
(a) Her heel breaks and she falls.
(b) She sits down to pet the dog.
(c) A man throws her to the ground.
(d) She dropped her keys and is searching for them.

3. Why does Maggie ask Wren to tell her about the deaths of his parents?
(a) She thinks it will be cathartic for Wren to tell the story.
(b) Since she is studying to be a lawyer, she wants to be his defense attorney.
(c) In case she can find some evidence they can use to clear up Wren's name.
(d) She is voyeuristic and wants to hear all the juicy details.

4. What does Wren tell Tony?
(a) Not to speed.
(b) To please order Maggie some flowers.
(c) That they need more meat for the freezer.
(d) That Nicolette is trying to make trouble.

5. Why is Wren handcuffed by campus police?
(a) For stealing Maggie's backpack.
(b) For trespassing.
(c) He is not bothered by the campus police.
(d) For fighting with Blaine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who decides to rid the sanctuary of Wren once and for all?

2. After spying his mother and uncle toasting the death of Wren's father, what is the next thing Wren remembers?

3. What is Vane's plan to exonerate Wren in his parents' deaths?

4. Where do Wren's parents live?

5. Who is Savitor?

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