Unleash the Night Fun Activities

Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Mock Trial

Hold a mock trial for Wren.


Compare Wren to the Beast in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.


Act out one crucial scene in the book.

Graphic Novel

Take one chapter and create a graphic novel chapter based on that scene.

Family Tree

Create a pretend family tree of Wren going back three generations. Include what types of animals are his relatives.

Engagement Announcemnt

Write an engagement announcement for Wren and Maggie.

Wedding Planning

Plan the royal wedding between Wren and Maggie.

Model Sanctuary

Create a model of the Sanctuary.

Song Writing

Write a song that one of the characters might sing if the book was made into a musical.

Costume Design

Design the costume of two of the characters from the book.

Re-write the Ending

Write a new ending for the book.


Write a letter from Wren's father to him.

Travel Agent

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