Unleash the Night Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Chapter 1

• It is the year 2005 in New Orleans. Marguerite (Maggie) is a college student. She attends Tulane University as a law student.

• Her father is a senator from Louisiana, and her mother is a Cajun woman who commits suicide to escape the life of wife of a senator.

• Marguerite D'Aubert Goudeau has a very dear friend named Nick Gautier. Nick's mother was murdered six months ago, and Nick is missing.

• Her group decides to visit a bar called the Sanctuary to honor their late group member, Nick. He had apparently visited there frequently.

• Several members of the group feel that they are better than the people that hang out at the Sanctuary, but go out of respect for Nick.
• Marguerite notices there's a man at the back of the bar who won't stop staring at her.

• Nick had told her in the past that he met a man...

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