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John Ross (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the third person tell Henry Bowman?
(a) The names of the lovers.
(b) The name of the victim.
(c) The purpose of the fight.
(d) The names of the fighters.

2. Whom does Alex Neuman leave in charge of his office while he is gone?
(a) Orville Crocker.
(b) Trey Mullins.
(c) Ray Johnson.
(d) Curt Behnke.

3. Where is Alex Neuman on his way to in 1996?
(a) Virginia for training.
(b) Wyoming for a sting.
(c) Miami for a gun show.
(d) Missouri for a raid.

4. Whose anger is behind the FBI watching Henry Bowman?
(a) Ray Johnson.
(b) Cindy Caswell.
(c) Wilson Blair.
(d) Alex Neuman.

5. What does Henry Bowman explain to Allen Kane's audience?
(a) Government gun regulations.
(b) How to clean semi-automatic rifles.
(c) How assault rifles work.
(d) Where to buy illegal guns.

6. What does Cammie Lynn tell Henry Bowman when he calls her after returning home?
(a) She is dying.
(b) She wants to give him money.
(c) She is alright.
(d) She is going to come after him.

7. What police tactic is more common now that Ray Johnson is back in the country?
(a) Internet surveillance.
(b) Checkpoints.
(c) Strip searches.
(d) Wiretaps.

8. What have the feds focused on as a form of de facto gun control?
(a) Phone tap gun dealers.
(b) Ammunition restrictions.
(c) Tracking money.
(d) Gun show admission.

9. What is the theme Henry Bowman and his friends see in the FBI raids?
(a) FBI agents are cleared of wrongdoing.
(b) FBI agents are incompetent.
(c) FBI agents were enforcing unconstitutional laws.
(d) FBI agents fired the first shots.

10. Who is Wilson Blair?
(a) An ATF agent.
(b) A gun dealer.
(c) A gun owner.
(d) An FBI agent.

11. Who is David Webb?
(a) An older friend of Henry Bowman's.
(b) Henry Bowman's teacher.
(c) Henry Bowman's uncle.
(d) Henry Bowman's uncle's son.

12. Where does Ray Johnson go when he returns to the U.S.?
(a) St. Louis.
(b) Florida.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Arizona.

13. What does Henry Bowman do to Wilson Blair?
(a) Handcuffs him.
(b) Threatens him.
(c) Beats him up.
(d) Sells him a gun.

14. What happened to Henry Bowman after he was attacked while jogging?
(a) He became a vigilante.
(b) He drank.
(c) He became secretive and angry.
(d) He saw conspiracies everywhere.

15. What kind of scene does Henry Bowman stumble on during his trip with David Webb?
(a) A reunion scene.
(b) A rape scene.
(c) A suicide scene.
(d) A fight scene.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is April?

2. What happens to the conceal and carry bill?

3. How did Cindy Caswell escape from her position in Las Vegas?

4. What job does Henry Bowman take after school?

5. How long was Ray Johnson away from the U.S. when he returns?

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