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John Ross (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through PART IV - War, June 7, 1996 - August 12, 1996.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Gutierrez family receive at the end of Chapter Two?
(a) A damaged baby.
(b) A new gun.
(c) A subpoena.
(d) Deportation papers.

2. What does Ray Johnson do after the Pedro Gutierrez case?
(a) Travels to Asia to hunt.
(b) Travels to see his parents.
(c) Goes to Africa.
(d) Goes hunting in the Rockies.

3. What does Henry Bowman believe about the Oklahoma City bombing?
(a) It was the work of a foreign government.
(b) It was an ATF set-up.
(c) It was the beginning of warfare against the government.
(d) It was a tragic provocation by a sick individual.

4. What does Ray Johnson do for Pedro Gutierrez?
(a) Take his case on commission.
(b) Charge him a reduced fee and take his case.
(c) Take his case pro bono.
(d) Charge him full rate to take the case.

5. What does the shootout in Florida demonstrate to Henry Bowman and his friends?
(a) That the FBI is corrupt.
(b) That the FBI knows who they are.
(c) That the FBI is incompetent.
(d) That the FBI is extremely efficient.

Short Answer Questions

1. What charges can the federal agents use?

2. Where did the wreck which Max Collins survived take place?

3. What does Henry Bowman demonstrate to David Webb?

4. What is the result of the action Henry Bowman and Ray Johnson take with people's names?

5. What condition must be met for the violence to stop?

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