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John Ross (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: Growth, June 20, 1959-April 6, 1968.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Henry Bowman travels around to ______________.
(a) Rodeos.
(b) Riding competitions.
(c) Hunting grounds.
(d) Shooting matches.

2. What happens during Ray Johnson's trip?
(a) He gets involved with a murder.
(b) Henry Bowman's father dies.
(c) Pedro Gutierrez's child dies.
(d) His parents are killed.

3. Max Collins is the sole survivor of _____________.
(a) A shipwreck.
(b) A plane crash.
(c) A car wreck.
(d) A train wreck.

4. What does Henry Bowman explain about President Kennedy's assassination?
(a) How Lee Harvey Oswald must have had conspirators.
(b) How Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle worked.
(c) How Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle could have hit each of the people in the car.
(d) How Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle could not have killed the President.

5. What charges can the federal agents NOT arrest this person or these people on?
(a) Illegal alcohol production.
(b) Illegal immigration.
(c) Driving under the influence.
(d) Armed robbery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Walter Bowman make during the war?

2. What opposition do the court cases set up?

3. Cameron Wilcox returns from war with ______________.

4. Ray Johnson's degree was in ___________.

5. What do families have to adjust to after the war in the second chapter?

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