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John Ross (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section II: Growth: June 5, 1968- December 21, 1978.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Max Collins is the sole survivor of _____________.
(a) A train wreck.
(b) A plane crash.
(c) A shipwreck.
(d) A car wreck.

2. How did Max Collins escape after the wreck?
(a) He stayed with a family.
(b) He hopped a train.
(c) He shot the commander looking for him.
(d) He hid in the bushes.

3. What does Ray Johnson do for Pedro Gutierrez?
(a) Charge him a reduced fee and take his case.
(b) Take his case on commission.
(c) Take his case pro bono.
(d) Charge him full rate to take the case.

4. What is the outcome of the case Ray Johnson takes for Pedro Gutierrez?
(a) $7 million settlement.
(b) $500,000 settlement.
(c) $70 million settlement.
(d) No settlement.

5. Whom does Henry Bowman NOT start writing to?
(a) Gun manufacturers.
(b) His representative.
(c) People railing against gun restrictions.
(d) Renowned marksmen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What branch of the military was Max Collins in?

2. Where does Harold Gaines live?

3. Who is Irwin Mann?

4. How much money did Henry Bowman win?

5. What is the topic of Henry Bowman's high school economics class paper?

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